Wednesday's Word of the Week: Bumptious Definition: irritatingly self-assertive Where I Heard It: I am currently doing Camp NaNoWriMo and whilst writing the other day and I was looking for synomns as per usual and I saw it and I knew it had to be this weeks word instantly. I mean come on...Bumptious! I couldn't … Continue reading Bumptious

Diametrically Opposed

Wednesday's Word of the Week: Diametrically Opposed Definition: diametrically opposed means to be completely and directly in opposition to something. The reference is to the two opposing points on either end of a diameter line drawn across a circle. Where I Heard It: Hamilton. It's literally all I've been watching/listening. It's from arguably my favourite song in the … Continue reading Diametrically Opposed


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Fug Definition: a warm, stuffy or smoky atmosphere in a room. Where I Heard It: Back to sensible words of the week - unlike last time - I read it in a book. I forget which one now but at first I thought it was a typo so I googled … Continue reading Fug