Wednesday's Word of the Week: Subterfuge Definition: deceit used in order to achieve one's goal Where I Heard It: It was in one of the books I was reading recently and it just reminded me of how much I like that word and that I don't use it enough. It's such a nice word to … Continue reading Subterfuge


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Winningest Definition: having achieved the most success in competition. Where I Heard It: I'm pretty sure I was watching Gibi ASMR's recent interesting facts trigger video, and she said that it was a word and I was just so intrigued and kind of surprised by this that I had to … Continue reading Winningest


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Petrified Definition: something that turns to stone (often used to describe being so terrified you are unable to move - like you have turned to stone) Where I Heard It: I was out for dinner with my dad and he brought up it's meaning and how most people just think … Continue reading Petrified