Wednesday's Word of the Week: Messy Definition: untidy or dirty Where I Heard It: After packing for my holiday, and then coming home and unpacking, and just general mess that existed before, my room is officially a bombsite. As I am writing this to procrastinate tidying it I thought it would be apt if this … Continue reading Messy


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Bemoan Definition: express discontent or sorrow over something. Where I Heard It: if you don't know, I am a huge snooker fan! It's currently the Betfred World Championships at the iconic Crucible theatre in Sheffield. And I was reading articles on one of the players who won, but was complaining … Continue reading Bemoan


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Bosh Definition: Nonsense or rubbish Where I Heard It: I asked my mum for a word this week. She suggested this, but she meant it more in the manner of bosh! Got this done! Etc. if you get me. It was only when I googled how to spell it that … Continue reading Bosh


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Boomslang Definition: A boomslang is a large, venomous snake found in Africa. Its name means "tree snake" in Dutch and Afrikaans. Where I Heard It: I asked my dad for a word for today since I was running low on ideas - he said Slippery Boomslang, which is an amazing phrase that … Continue reading Boomslang