Top 5 books that I was reccomended

Hiya, How's your weekend going? Mine is the average level of school stress so I am surprisingly chill for once. I thought today I would do a post about the top 5 favourite books that I was recommended to read and loved. 1. The Lake Series by Annalisa Grant Cara recommended this to me back … Continue reading Top 5 books that I was reccomended


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Salacious Meaning: Conveying indecent interest in sexual matters Examples: crude, lecherous or suggestive Where I Heard It: Anna brought it up recently because she thought it sounded funny. She has a point: it is a nice word to say. Sa-lay-shish


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Gigolo Meaning: Male Prostitute Examples: escort, Casanova Where I Heard It: I heard it ages ago but it resurfaced when my friend Anna messaged me today asking if I knew that a gigolo was a male prostitute; the hilarity of the funny word was too much for her to handle.