Wednesday's Word of the Week: Apercu Meaning: An Abridgement Where I Heard It: Another hidden gem from my daily thesaurus app. I'm pretty sure this was Sunday's word. Does that make it this week's word or last weeks? Pronunciation: Ah- Purrr-que



Wednesday's Word of the Week: Stalwart Meaning: Loyal, reliable and hardworking. Where I Heard It: My dad used it to describe himself yesterday and I thought it was such a nice sounding word. Pronunciation: Sss - tall - w - or - t


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Pettifogger Meaning: A person who pretends to be something they are not. E.g. a hypocrite, a fake or a con artist. Where I Heard It: It was today's randomly generated word on my Thesaurus App. I totally adore this app because it really has helped my vocab improve greatly. It's … Continue reading Pettifogger


Wednesday's Word of the Week: Concatenation Meaning: A collection of interconnected things. Where I Heard It: My friend Musa said it the other day: "That's an interesting concatenation of words" and I loved the sound of it. I instantly googled it, having never heard it before and on the surface his sentence doesn't make great … Continue reading Concatenation