If You Liked This, Try…#5

Hi guys! Today's post is another If You Liked This, Try... To sum up the basic premise, I select a couple of books that are similar in the ways of X, Y and Z and it gives you a way of finding books that are similar to some of your faves while also giving you … Continue reading If You Liked This, Try…#5



Wednesday's Word of the Week: Lollygagging Meaning: To spend time aimlessly, or to dawdle. Where I Heard It: Another brilliant find from my daily thesaurus app. I'm pretty sure this was Monday's word but maybe it was yesterdays. Pronunciation: Lol-ee-gah-ging

Paper Cuts

Hi guys, Today's post is something different. For any avid readers of my blog you will know that I am a budding writer and recently it's not been just novels or short stories that I've been putting my creative juices into, it's free-form poetry. I've been wanting to start putting some of my own writing … Continue reading Paper Cuts