Etsy and Instagram Bookish Merch Haul

Hi guys!!

How was your weekend? Mine was okay. I felt like it wasn’t much of a weekend because I had to work on this creative piece the whole time and I was just so stumped on where to take it so it was actually kind of stressful but last night while taking a break to watch The Great Pottery Throwdown, my thoughts cleared and I think I have more of a direction to go in that I’m happy with which is good. I hope your weekend was far less stressful.

Today we have something that I have never done before, a haul of bookish things that aren’t books! Whether it was joining Bookstagram at the start of February or that I read some really cult-loved Book series this month that have a great community of people creating things for- but I decided I wanted to buy myself some bookish items on Etsy. I then also bought some stuff from a seller on Instagram. I have also bought one item on Redbubble but that and a few things haven’t arrived yet so I will put them in another haul when they do arrive.

All of the stuff I show today is either Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo related or ACOTAR series by Sarah J Maas related or Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard related. And the items that will be in the next haul are all Six of Crows Duology related. I didn’t go too crazy and buy too many things, but I wanted to show you all because I think they’re super cute. I’ll obviously link to the Etsy/Instagram page I got it from. If you have any recommendations for Etsy sellers of Feysand prints, I would love to hear because I have been searching for a while but not seen one I wanted yet. Lastly, I’m sorry for the photos I’m going to use to show these. I did a haul on my Instagram story so I just used screenshots from those, but it means there might be words or gifs on in the picture as well as changing backgrounds and lighting quality too haha. Anyway, enough rambling from me – let me show you what I bought.

I’m going to start with the three bookmarks I bought from the most lovely seller on Instagram. Her name is Elise and her shop is called Page Turning Prints. She started her Instagram shop 3 days before I started my Bookstagram so I loved that she is new to things. I’m always wanting to help support new shops. I got three stunning bookmarks, they came beautifully packaged, with a cute note (her handwriting still makes me jealous) and they came really quickly (maybe 3-4 days after purchase). She has loads of designs and more coming but the three I chose were her ACOMAF design, the first Shadow and Bone design and the Glass Sword design from the Red Queen Series. I love them and I have used all of them at this point and they’re still in amazing condition, no peeling edges or anything. I adore the quotes on all of them. I think my favourite of the three is the Maven Quote from Glass Sword because I adore Maven and this is one of his best quotes because it just sums him up and his motivations and the plot and I love it! I especially love her designs because she picks quotes that are loved by the readers but also not ones that are ALWAYS used so they’re a bit different. Elise said she’s releasing a Six of Crows design soon so that will definitely be purchased once it is released haha.

Onto the first of my Etsy purchases – A magnetic bookmark by the shop EpikPage. It is of one of the most adored quotes in the Shadow and Bone series – Fine, make me your villain. I love this quote with my whole heart and when I saw this design I knew I had to grab it. I love that it is inspired by the original book covers (the ones I own) and I just think it’s so cute. It is identical on both sides. It was the slowest of all deliveries to arrive from Etsy if I remember correctly but it was still decently speedy (10 days after purchase) and it came packaged very nicely with a card that says reading is awesome. I have also used this one, and I don’t like it as much as the ones above sadly. While the idea of a magnetic bookmark was cute I felt that in practice, the loop that connects the two sides requires more than just one page to fill it out but put too many pages between and the magnets don’t work very well. So I have stopped using this because it is a bit of a faf, and instead I have it sitting on my bookshelf because I think it is so pretty that I am quite happy just using this as a display type thing. That’s just how much I like this quote.

Next I bought an enamel pin from a shop called AThroneOfBooks, and it is a ACOTAR series themed pin. It says A Court of Faes and Wingspans which I just found too funny not to buy. It isn’t a quote from the book but it hints to many of the jokes in the series and that’s why I like it. Again, it came very nicely packaged and decently fast. It has two pins on the back that are fastened with rubber grips (my favourite backing for pins because I think they stay on best) It’s a decent size, probably 3.5-4 cm. I don’t know what else to say about this one. It’s so cute and funny and looks great on my pinboard.

The other enamel pin I bought sadly doesn’t seem to be listed anymore but I will just link to the seller instead if you are interested in getting something else or if it ever comes back. It was from a seller called ShyNurse. I actually spoke to this seller because there was an issue with my shipping address and she was lovely. So quick to message about the error and really understanding – so that is a big thumbs up! The pin I got is the same Shadow and Bone quote as above – Fine, Make me Your Villain. It is on the sun and moon eclipsed logo from the series and I love it. I think it is such a cute design. And it was definitely bigger than I anticipated it being probably 5cm. It again has the two pins on the back with the rubber grips again. And it came very quickly and very nicely packaged. It also came with a pad of sticky notes which I love because I’m always using sticky notes.

The next thing I bought was a necklace. It has a quote from ACOMAF by Sarah J Maas. It is from the seller Bookella. The design was available in multiple chain lengths as well as as a Key chain, but I chose the 16″ length so it was slightly choker-ish, but a little longer. You could also choose to add a small charm to it for an extra fee, so I picked the book because it was fitting and I thought it was cute. It arrived the quickest and again, beautifully packaged and in bubble wrap to keep it safe. This was really hard to photograph because it is domed in shape so the light was always hitting off it some place, but in case you can’t read it, it says – To the Stars who Listen – and the dreams that are answered. It is one of the most popular quotes in the series so I really wanted it on a necklace because it is such a lovely phrase. It is quite weighty and I can’t wear it too long because of how the weight presses on my throat, but that’s not a bad thing and definitely not a slight against the product. It is amazing quality and I will definitely buy from this seller again.

Lastly, in this haul I have another necklace. This time it is a quote from ACOWAR and was my top quote from when I read the book. It is a really underused quote from the series so when I saw someone had put it on a necklace I knew I had to purchase it. It is from the seller LiteraryLaneBoutique. Again, it was very nicely packaged, with bubble wrap and a cute card. It was quick to arrive (7 days if I remember) I again bought the 16″ chain option. There wasn’t the possibility of a charm on this but I don’t mind that at all because I think this is so pretty without it. The quote says, Remember that You are a Wolf and You cannot be Caged. I love the sentiment behind it, I love the character that says it in the series and I just love everything that it reminds me of – both in the scheme of the book but also just about being a human being. It’s definitely a very adaptable quote. The design is clearly quite similar to the one above, but it does weigh less so I do wear this all the day no problems. I have barely taken it off since buying it. I absolutely love this one and it is definitely my favourite of my Etsy purchases.

So that is all my bookish Etsy purchases so far – I will hopefully have another one of these to show soon when my Six of Crows things arrive. I hope you enjoyed this. I really like all of the things I bought and I don’t know why I have never bought any bookish things before. If you have an Etsy shop or Instagram store or Redbubble shop etc, please tell me about it! I’m always wanting to help support small businesses, especially if they are bookish related. Anyway, I hope you all have a great day and I will see you tomorrow.

23 thoughts on “Etsy and Instagram Bookish Merch Haul

  1. I love your ‘bookish’ purchases. Don’t you just love it when they arrive and they are perfect? I’ve gotta say, I love the last necklace the most… that quote is killer.

    Liked by 1 person

          1. You are so right, pre-orders done count ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ For me I think it’s more bookish merch. I’ve the last few months I’ve gone crazy buying all the stuffs so I need to stop that first, or at least reign myself in!!!

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Candles and art prints. Honestly Etsy and the fact that I have no will power is killing off my bank account!!! Redbubble is a great place for prints, I just go for the postcard size ones and is you order more than 3, it brings the price down on each item!

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                1. I might have to have another hunt on Redbubble tonight then. I think im quite fussy about the art style I like so it takes me a white to find things


                    1. I just spent like 2 hours hunting on Redbubble for things. I really want a fan art of Maven from Red Queen but so few of them exist its sad. I have so many different ones from so many different series that I want and I’m trying to narrow it down but its so hard ๐Ÿ˜‚


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