Books I Got in January 2021

Hi guys!

Buckle in because do I have a long list for you today! I bought all my textbooks for this term, I had amazon vouchers to use that I got for Christmas, I also did a little bit of hunting on Netgalley as well as the odd random must have purchase here or there so it’s definitely one of my busier months for book purchasing. I tried to keep the cost down by buying second hand via amazon however. I am skipping on my usually rambly introduction and hoping right into things because it’s a very long list.


Black Addiction Series by T. Gephart £1.76 for all three on Amazon during the sale
I bought this and the following two in the series because they were on sale and I always see Kirsty Moseley raving about her books all the time so I seized the opportunity and bought them.


The Vanishing by Jayne Ann Krentz £2.58 Amazon
I have been wanting to pick this book up for a while now. I’m pretty sure I found it through one of my Friday Finds post but I don’t know which one. I actually was sent the second one in this series to me via Netgalley so that was what finally pushed me to pick this up.

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett – £6.55 Amazon
I have read many books from Jenn Bennett and I always love her writing. I have been wanting to pick this up since it was first announced but it’s release kept being delayed and then when it finally was released I was busy with Uni stuff and forgot about book buying really. So as soon as I was placing a big order it was basically top of my must haves list!

The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh – £5.32 Amazon
This is another book that I have been pinning after for months! Again, I was really just holding off until I made a big purchase so I could they could arrive in bulk. I wanted to buy the sequel too but the paperback isn’t coming out for another few months so I will probably get that for my birthday.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo – £7.37 Amazon
I purchased this because I am reading the Shadow and Bone Series at the moment and I love it so I bought this without reading the blurb…which I mildly regret now because I have just read it and it doesn’t really call to me the same as Shadow and Bone did but oh well, it’s been bought now haha.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo – £7.37 Amazon
Well this is basically the same as above considering that it is the sequal. I think what made me buy them more than my love for Shadow and Bone is the series that is being made because I know it concerns both so I want to know what happens so I can see how the show musters up. Anyway, maybe I’ll enjoy them more than I think.

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo – £3.23 Amazon
Now, after reading my thoughts on the above two you’d probably think I have similar worries about this but no way!! I am currently 260 pages into Siege and Storm and I am in love with Nikolai (as is much of the rest of the world I am gathering) and seeing as this is a continuation of his story then I am all for it!

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill – £3.01 Amazon
I bought this because it was on my Amazon Wishlist and I know at some point I was very excited for this but I honestly cannot remember what this is about or anything so this will be fun once it arrives.

University Course Books

I don’t have much to say about these since I had to buy them for my course. I am excited to delve into the short fiction and Mansfield Park but none of the others are really calling to me just based on descriptions but who knows how they will work out.

The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction – £29.99 Amazon
Mansfield Park by Jane Austen – £2.79 Amazon
The Chronicles of Cannongate by Walter Scott – £3.02 Amazon
Romanticism Anthology by Duncan Wu – £25.04 Amazon
Confessions of an English Opium Eater by Thomas de Quincy – £5.99 Amazon
Caleb Williams by William Godwin – £5.81 Amazon
Liber Amoris by William Hazlitt – £4.99 Amazon


Kissing Lessons by Sophie Jordan£9.34 Amazon
This is another one that I put in my Amazon Wishlist after a Friday Finds post. The plot sounds amazing and I haven’t read a just a simple YA romance in quite a while so I am really hyped for this. It will probably be one of the first books I pick up when it arrives in the mail.

Hood by Jenny Elder Moke£4.02 Amazon
This yet another from that same Friday Finds. I swear that is one of my favourite kinds of posts to do but it never helps my Amazon Wishlist to shrink haha. This is a robin hood retelling from the POV of his daughter and I couldn’t turn that down!

Deadly Curious by Cindy Anstey£3.35 Amazon
Do I really need to say Friday Finds again or do you get the idea? haha. If you read my blog often you will know this is an obvious pick for me – Romance, Historical, mystery/crime. Everything that’s right up my bookish street! I have a feeling this might be a favourite of the year.


Say You Love Me by E.R Whyte – Netgalley
I picked this one up a while ago and I know it’s romance but that’s all I can remember about it. Seriously someone take Netgalley away from me. I go on a requesting binge and forget everything about what the books I receive. I hope it will be good.

By Mist@ke by Sigal Ehrlich – Netgalley
Yet another victim of my crappy memory sadly, but I do think it was a YA romance based around texting…if I remember correctly. But definitely do not hold me to that!

The Seal’s Convenient Wife by Leslie North – Netgalley
I have actually read this, and a review is coming soon in a mini review post so I won’t give away too much but it was a good read.

In the Penalty Box by Lynn Rush and Kelly Ann Blount – YA Bound Book Tours
I was part of the release tour for this book and I really enjoyed this. The full review is up and linked below. It’s about figure skaters and hockey players and it was just an adorable romance with a few plot flaws near the end but overall great.

The Seal’s Surprise Baby by Leslie North – Netgalley
This is another one that I have already read. It wasn’t as good as the one before it in the series but it was still a decent read. Again, review coming soon.

Tempted by Anna Ray – Netgalley
I feel like a bit of a broken record but again I read this the other week and it actually really surprised me. I really liked it and I’d love to read more by Anna Ray soon.

Unplugged by Sigal Ehrlich – Netgalley
Finally, something I picked up from Netgalley that I haven’t read yet. Sadly it falls into the limbo of forgotten plot after requesting but I know it will be romance because that’s all I’ve been requesting recently.

The Story of Simon by Rachel Loewen – Netgalley
Now this is an unread one that I got from Netgalley that I do remember the plot of because it was a little out of my comfort zone but I decided to go for it and see how it went but needless to say I’ve been putting it off. It revolves around a lot of BDSM and I haven’t worked up the courage to try reading it yet.

Just Like in the Movies by Heidi Rice – Netgalley
This sounded like a super sweet hate-to-love romance so I grabbed it plus the cover is stunning so I definitely think you should give that a look. I hope to get to this in February but who knows how things will work out.

The Seal’s Instant Family by Leslie North – Netgalley
Finally the last book on this month’s VERY VERY VERY long list. And it is one I have already read too! It was my least favourite of the series but still a 3 star read. Not bad but also nothing special.

You still with me or did we lose you somewhere along the way (I totally understand if I did) That’s the books that I got this month! I will have plenty of reading to get on with this year thanks to this and hopefully next month’s will be significantly short if only for the safety of my bank account. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this. I will see you tomorrow for my January Wrap Up. See you then ❤

What books have you bought this month?
Have you read any of the books I’ve just hauled?

Any tips on remembering the plots of books you request on Ntegalley?

8 thoughts on “Books I Got in January 2021

  1. Haha I am same at remembering the plots of books I requested sometimes🙈😂 And you’ve hauled all the amazing books 🥺 I hope you enjoy them all when you read! 💖💕

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