Did I Read What I Hauled? #5

Hey Guys!

How is your Tuesday going so far? I slept in till midday today which is crazy for me because I have not slept that late in ages. My sleep schedule has been really messed up at the moment. Any tips to get it back to normal?
Today I am back with a Did I Read What I Hauled? post, I got the idea from KirstyReadsBlog. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I show you a list of the books I hauled in the past and see whether I have read them yet or not.
All the ones in this series before this has been a bit of a hodge-podge of small hauls. But finally I am at the point in my blogging history when I started doing Monthly Hauls so that should make these posts much easier to follow for you and easier for me to write too. Today I am focusing on my July 2019 Haul. Just as a warning, I went on holiday this month – one of my favourite holiday activities is hunting for books in charity shops…so I bought A LOT. I also had my birthday just before so I spent the money/book vouchers I had gotten in Waterstones also. It was a big haul when I wrote it originally – took me 3 hours to write. Thankfully this makes the list look much shorter haha. Anyway, enough excuses, let’s make a start on the list.

Totals: 27 Books

Read: 7.4%
Started: 11.1%
Still To Read: 81.5%

Yeah….those are not good percentages haha. I haven’t read a paperback book in a while so that might contribute to the poor scores. Maybe once I get into months with E-Books I’ll have a better success rate. It’s probably one of the lowest scores I have ever had, but it’s quite a high started score which is a little less painful to see. As always, I hope you enjoyed this. I really like doing these, even if they do make me feel guilty for not reading. Anyway, have a great day and see you tomorrow for my Word of the Week ❤

10 thoughts on “Did I Read What I Hauled? #5

  1. Not great statistics! 😀 but looking back at your hauls and seeing what you’ve read is a great idea to keep you aware of your spending – I should probably do that myself!

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    1. When I go back years like this one is not a great sucess rate but since starting to do these I have been so much more conscious of reading the books I buy. Its been really helpful

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  2. I do look backs on hauls as well and at first it was an eye opener, after a few I was worried to post because I hadn’t read half of them!!!! But its made me more accountable I think so hopefully next year’s look backs will be better!!!!

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    1. I completely agree. Most of the books in my 2019 hauls are unread, but my 2020 hauls ive read far more of them so these posts definitely made me more accountable


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