My Monthly Anticipations – December 2020

Hi guys,

How is your day going? Mine was okay but now the keyboard on my laptop has stopped working an it is taking 48 years to write anything, so sorry if this is shorter than usual because I don’t now how long I can cope with this. Let’s just get into this.

Book Releases:

I couldn’t even see a book I was excited for this month. I’m in a bit of a book rut at the moment and that is probably why. If you have any recommendations please tell me because I would love to know.

Movies/Tv Releases:

There is only one thing I am excited or this month an that is Bridgeton. It’s a historical romantic drama coming to Netflix and it look great.

Personal Life:

I’m still working knitting my blanket – 15/30 blanket squares done so far. I roped my mum into helping me because at the rate I was knitting alone it would have been finished in March and now it’s a nice wee project for us to do together. Hopefully we continue on this racing streak and get some more done this month.
I’m looking forward this term of classes to be over because it has been tough. I’m excited to spend Christmas with my family and just relax for a bit before the next term.

So like I said at the start of the post, sorry it is so short. Hopefully, I will write tomorrows post on something else or get a new keyboard But anyway, I hope you all have a great day and see you on tomorrow! ❤

What are you most excited about this coming month?
Is there any big releases that I’ve missed?
Do you get a burst of productiveness at the start of every month like me?

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