Did I Read What I Hauled? #4

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday! I had such a busy day yesterday so I’m glad to have a little bit more of a chilled out day today? How busy has your week been?
Today I am back with a Did I Read What I Hauled? post, I got the idea from KirstyReadsBlog. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I show you a list of the books I hauled in the past and see whether I have read them yet or not.
Today’s list is actually a few different haul posts, because the rate in which I do this posts it would take forever if I only focused on one haul per post. The first is my Christmas Book Haul (Feburary 2019) and then the second is my March Book Haul (March 2019) This is actually the last of my random hauls before I moved onto doing my monthly hauls so hopefully these will be a bit more standardised in the future. As always, I will link to any related posts or reviews. Without further procrastination, let’s jump into this.

Christmas Book Haul

As per usual, I have not done very well here haha! But hey, the one I did read is one of my all time faves so that has to be worth something!

March Book Haul

I did a little better with this haul! And I adored all of the ones I read here so again that’s a really good thing!

Totals: 17 Books

Read: 23.5%
Started: 5.8%
Still To Read: 70.5%

This is the highest read percentage I have ever had in any of these posts…granted it’s from a much smaller pool of books than some of my others…but we’re just going to ignore that and bask in the joy that is over 20% read!! I hope you liked this because I want to make them a more frequent thing since I can finally start with the monthly hauls. Anyway, have a great weekend and see you on Review Sunday for an actual review this time haha!

5 thoughts on “Did I Read What I Hauled? #4

  1. I’m glad your percentage is better than previous times, May! Hope you have enjoyed your relaxing day 💛 I’ve had to work from home all week because a colleague got covid (I’m fine), and I attempted to bake a chocolate tray cake this evening. Have a lovely weekend!

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