My Monthly Anticipations – November 2020

Hi guys,

Happy Monday. I hope your day has been going well so far. I feel like I say this at the start of every post now, but I have been drowning in uni work but it’s all I am really doing so I don’t know what else I would say haha!
Another thing I have been saying a lot is that nothing has really been jumping out at me in terms of anticipations this month but I have gone on an internet hunt to see what I can find out about some new releases to see if it sparks anything. I hope it does because this will be super short if I don’t but anyway I hope you enjoy ❤
BTW! If you have any recs please tell me! I always love hearing the things that you guys are excited about.

Book Releases:

Chasing Lucky by Jenn Bennett
I have been waiting on this release for ages now! It was delayed from earlier this year and now I can finally get it and I AM SO EXCITED!!
Release Date: 10th November
Blurb: Budding photographer Josie Saint-Martin has spent half her life with her single mother, moving from city to city. When they return to her historical New England hometown years later to run the family bookstore, Josie knows it’s not forever. Her dreams are on the opposite coast, and she has a plan to get there. What she doesn’t plan for is a run-in with the town bad boy, Lucky Karras. Outsider, rebel…and her former childhood best friend. Lucky makes it clear he wants nothing to do with the newly returned Josie. But everything changes after a disastrous pool party, and a poorly executed act of revenge lands Josie in some big-time trouble—with Lucky unexpectedly taking the blame. Determined to understand why Lucky was so quick to cover for her, Josie discovers that both of them have changed, and that the good boy she once knew now has a dark sense of humor and a smile that makes her heart race. And maybe, just maybe, he’s not quite the brooding bad boy everyone thinks he is…

Enemies & Lovers by Christine Zolendz
Release Date: November 22nd
Blurb: It doesn’t have a goodreads page and I don’t know what I can say about it so let’s just say it’s an enemies to lovers romance.

Notorious by Minerva Spencer
Release Date: November 24th
Blurb: The cure for a willful wife…
Drusilla Clare is full of opinions about why a woman shouldn’t marry. But that doesn’t stop the rush of desire she feels each time her best friend’s brother, notorious rake Gabriel Marlington, crosses her path. So imagine her dismay when she finds herself in the clutches of a scoundrel, only to be rescued by Gabriel himself. And when Gabriel’s heartless—and heart-pounding—proposal comes, it’s enough to make Dru’s formidable resolve crumble…
…is a smitten husband.
She’s sharp-tongued, exasperating—and due to one careless moment—about to become his wife. Still, something about Drusilla has Gabriel intrigued. First there’s the delicious flush of her skin every time she delivers a barb—and then the surprisingly sensual feel of her in his arms. Gabriel even finds himself challenged by her unusual philosophies. And when he discovers a clandestine rival for Dru’s affection, his temperature flares even hotter. But the real threat to their happiness is one neither of the newlyweds sees coming. If they’re to save their future—and their very lives—they’ll need to trust in each other and their growing love.

Movies/Tv Releases:

I could only find one tv show that I was excited for this month and that is I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. I don’t know much about it because they haven’t released much yet but I watch it every year so I know i’ll enjoy it.

Personal Life:

I’m still working knitting my blanket – 14/30 blanket squares done so far. I roped my mum into helping me because at the rate I was knitting alone it would have been finished in March and now it’s a nice wee project for us to do together. Hopefully we continue on this racing streak and get some more done this month.
I’m looking forward to essay season being over? Does that count? Haha.

So like I said at the start of the post, I have been struggling with finding things to be excited about as not much is releasing. But anyway, I hope you all have a great day and see you on Wednesday for my Word of the Week! ❤

What are you most excited about this coming month?
Is there any big releases that I’ve missed?
Do you get a burst of productiveness at the start of every month like me?

6 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipations – November 2020

  1. I’m not paying too much attention to things coming out this month – too much to catch up on for me!
    Also, good luck with knitting your blanket! I’m currently working on knitting one blanket and crocheting two – I should really focus on just one at a time but I’m too easily distracted by my yarn stash.

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