Top Tips to Help with Writer’s Block

Hey guys!

Happy Friday. How has your week been? Essay season has begun at Uni so I have been busy busy prepping for that. Anyone want to write an essay on renaissance literature for me? No? Fine! I’ll do it myself haha.
Because of all the essay writing I have been doing (And with NaNoWriMo coming up) I thought it would be a great time to discuss my tips to help with writer’s block. I suffer just as much as the next writer and I definitely don’t have a magic fix but I’ve found that a lot of these have helped me in the past so I thought I would impart those on to you! Enough rambling from me – let’s get on with it!

Everyone Gets It!

First off – know that you are not alone! Whether it is for school work or your own pleasure everyone gets writers block at some point. It doesn’t make you a bad writer and it definitely doesn’t mean you should give up. Today just might not be your day. Everyone gets off days. YOU ARE NORMAL!

Take a Break!

Going off what I just said, sometimes you need to take a break. Today might not be your day. If you’ve been trying to write for hours and it’s just not happening then go for a walk, make a snack, watch an episode of a TV show – make your brain think of anything other than writing. I always find that clearing my mind of writing helps to declog my thoughts and get me back on track.

Try Writing Something Else!

If you’re still feeling stuck try write a 50 word story, 100 word story. Completely unrelated to what you are doing. It doesn’t have to be good. Just getting your brain to focus on something else can unstick you and give you your mojo back to work on your real project.

Delete the Last 100 Words!

I know this might seem crazy or rash but this has become my go to way to fix things. Sometimes I take it to the extreme – delete a page, 1000 words, a whole chapter. Sometimes your stuck because your story, your character or your argument is stuck and by getting rid of what is sticking you and rewriting it in a different way can open loads of new ideas and paths for you.

Make Something Crazy Happen!

I did this recently for a book I was writing. I loved the characters but the plot was dull and it was stopping me moving forward and progressing the story. So…I threw in an assassin. Yep – what would get my character moving forward faster than an assassin coming for her? And it really worked. It completely unclogged my block on the the story and made me really excited to see how the plot was going to develop as I wrote. Basically, what would make your characters story crazy? If it is feasible for the story then add it. A fire burns down their home, a mysterious death threat appears, they stop selling your characters favourite kind of crisps. Literally anything that emotionally effects your character can be good. And hey, if it doesn’t work just use the last step and delete it haha!

Have Someone Read It!

I found this really helped me, get my friend, my mum, my brother – whoever would read a chapter or your most recent section and see what they think. Sometimes hearing from someone else that what you are doing is working well can help clear your own stresses or worries and in turn help your writer’s block.

Have a Nap/ Rest Your Eyes!

In this very digital age of everyone using laptops and phones sometimes after spending hours staring at my screen can be what’s behind my writer’s block. Nap or take time away from the screen to reset your eyes and I personally find that I come back all the brighter for having done so.


Whether you reread what you have recently written or just pick up a book. Reading something else can really help declog your mental block. No only can it spark some inspiration but similarly to the last few points, it distracts you as well as giving your eyes a little bit of a screen break.

Eliminate Distractions!

I am always so easily distracted when I write. Messages on my phone, youtube playing in the background, stopping for food breaks – but I know they really stop my productiveness and if I am really trying to get stuff done then I push them all to the side. I know this isn’t always possible; pets, family, construction, traffic. All of these things can impede the flow of your writing and you definitely cannot control them but if you can minimise these things then I have found it to be super helpful with your productiveness and in turn help with writer’s block.

Listen to Music!

I always find music really inspirational and motivating. There is a song for every scenario, mood, emotion, character, word. You name it – it’s out there. One of my favourite things to do is pick a word that is important to that chapter or scene and put it into Deezer (my music app of choice) and just let whatever comes up related to said word play. It personally really helps me when I’m stuck because it can give me a new take on a scene that I previously might not have considered.

So folks, that’s all the tips I could think of off the top of my head. If I think of any more, I will come back and add to this. I hope it is helpful and that whatever it is you are working on goes well! I really want to take part in NaNo this year but I don’t know if it will be possible with the school work I have due. But anyway, I hope you enjoyed this and that it can help you out of some tough spots! Have a great weekend folks and I will see you again on Sunday ❤

8 thoughts on “Top Tips to Help with Writer’s Block

  1. These are all great tips! What I personally like to do is copying the last thing I’ve written (and know deep down that it isn’t working) into a separate document and then deleting it in the actual document and starting over. It helps me so much to know that it “isn’t really gone”, so I have a much easier time starting over without grieving over all the stuff I’ve gotten rid of 😁

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