Mini Reviews for Books I’ve been Reading Recently #3

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How is your weekend going? Mine has been really chill so far. I haven’t done much – Uni has been kicking my ass so I just needed some time to chill out. I watched the Strictly Come Dancing couple reveal show last night and now I am so excited to have the Strictly sparkle to light up the weekends again! Anyway,

Despite the fact I still am not keen on the name of this post – you guys all seemed to like it the past two times I have done it (#1 and #2). Even the people who prefer my long reviews seemed to appreciate that it makes more sense to post these short snippet reviews when the books are short themselves. (Some of these are actually a little longer, but all still under 300 pages if I remember) I am still really on this short book binge, but sadly less and less of them are appearing on Netgalley but I still have quite a few to mention today. I’ve also started reading books for my course at Uni so I thought I would put those in too because it’s not really the kinds of books I typically talk about on my blog but I thought I’d put them in case some of you are interested.

I was very kindly sent a few of these via Netgalley but obviously all my thoughts are all my own and receiving it didn’t differ my opinions in anyway. Also, as I did get them on Netgalley, most of them are not actually out yet – but I will link to their Goodreads pages so you can find out when they do come out or if they already are. The ones I recieved via Netgalley will have (N) beside their title.

The Perfect Match by Anita Lemke (N)
Matchmakers don’t fall in love with their clients… unless they do.
She doesn’t believe in love…
Victoria Medrano is a professional modern-day matchmaker who earns her living by finding suitable husbands for her rich clients’ daughters using a foolproof system – one that takes love out of the equation. Snaring the right clients and establishing a sterling reputation is the career stepping stone she needs to finally earn the kind of money she’s always dreamed of.
… but love can be found in unlikely places.
When her best friend Tonya becomes her client and gets set up with the handsome and charming-when-he-wants-to-be Mark Dunham, Victoria is inexplicably drawn to him. As she suddenly questions her beliefs about love, she has to make a decision. Is it okay to fall in love with your best friend’s perfect match?
Review: I really liked the premise of this. It was a super intriguing idea. The writing style was very enjoyable. I found the characters super likeable. I really lived the budding friendship and flirty banter between Mark and Vicky. I wish we had gotten some more about Vicky’s past with Ricky to cause some more drama. It was rather predicable, both the main plot and the side plot with slyvia but a lot of romances are. It was still enjoyable. I found scenes with Tonya quite uncomfortable to read. There were definitely elements of cheating emotionally in this that i didnt enjoy at all. I also wish we met Marks Mum and Dad.
Overall it was a decent and fun quick read but it lacked the depth to bring it to a 4 star read
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Score Rating: 6/10

Kaddish for an Unborn Child by Imre Kertesz
The first word in this mesmerizing novel by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature is “No.” It is how the novel’s narrator, a middle-aged Hungarian-Jewish writer, answers an acquaintance who asks him if he has a child. It is the answer he gave his wife (now ex-wife) years earlier when she told him she wanted one. The loss, longing and regret that haunt the years between those two “no”s give rise to one of the most eloquent meditations ever written on the Holocaust. As Kertesz’s narrator addresses the child he couldn’t bear to bring into the world he ushers readers into the labyrinth of his consciousness, dramatizing the paradoxes attendant on surviving the catastrophe of Auschwitz. Kaddish for the Unborn Child is a work of staggering power, lit by flashes of perverse wit and fueled by the energy of its wholly original voice.
Review: I read this for one of my courses at university. This hurt to read. I understand that it lacks chapters and paragraph breaks as both a way to accentuate his trauma and the inability to escape it but also to emphasis his No’s! But boy does it make it painful to read. I mean physically painful on the eyes. You never realise how much speak or paragraph breaks are required to keep you sain until they are taken away.
Maybe this helps you relate to B’s feelings of confusion and isolation? I don’t know.
All I know is that it hurt and I am so glad it is over.
Star Rating: ⭐⭐
Score Rating: 4/10

The Defense of Posey by Phillip Sydney
Out of the intellectual ferment of the English Renaissance came a number of outstanding critical works that sought to define and defend the role of literature in society and to comment on the craft of writing. Foremost among these is Sir Philip Sidney’s The Defence of Poesy, an eloquent argument for fiction as a means of inspiring its readers to virtuous action.
Review: I read this as part of my 3rd Year English Degree. I found it really hard to comprehend at first. It was only about halfway through that I started to understand his arguments and appreciate his quizzical and almost conversational writing style. It gave a really good insight into ideas on Poetry in renaissance England. Not my usual cup of tea but certainly not as bad as expected.
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Score Rating: 6/10

Undone by Kathleen Lawless (N)
It’s Kennedy’s brilliant solution to cheer up her two best friends and spice up their lives on a badly-needed girls’ getaway.
Lisa is getting over a cheating husband.
Justine recently broke up with her married lover.
Kennedy, your basic love ’em and leave ’em girl, is in her element on a beach pardise surrounded by wealthy, elegible, and smokingly-single men.
The first one to complete her sexcapades list is the winner.
Which of them will take home the ultimate prize?
Who will lose her heart?
Review: This wasnt a bad book… Okay yes it had some bad elements – like female characters who had literally no logic to any of their actions – but the premise was super fun! It left me feeling meh. I wish we got more from the guys POV’s because their characters all seemed deeper and generally more interesting than the main girls who were all very 2D and flippant. Their big conflict in the book lacked all interest for me because I didnt care about them or their friendship so it just let it down. The writing style was nice to read and there were some funny moments that gave the book some promise but ultimately the characters just ruined it for me. 
Star Rating: ⭐⭐
Score Rating: 3.5/10

Chess Moves by Michael Walker Thomas (N)
*No cover has been released yet*
Blurb: 18-year-old Lamont Barker has a tough decision to make: should he choose the cool school or the dorky school? His friends are rallying behind a state college that guarantees a good time with a reputation for elaborate parties. On the other hand, Lamont was accepted at one of the top universities in the country on an academic scholarship. Amazing grades and Chess Club have always kept him on the straight and narrow, but what if Lamont wants to know what it’s like to have a social life? To go to parties and have a girlfriend, for once?
The end of senior year is looming. Lamont doesn’t have much time to decide and the right answer won’t be easy.
Which school will he choose?
Review: This was a really boring read. Yes, it was only 21 pages long so I can’t be that mad at it but it was also 21 pages of nothingness. You don’t care about the main character and therefore you don’t care about his decision on schooling hence the whole plot is just a bore. Personally, I lost any respect for him because he was essentially almost peer pressured into a worse school in an effort to be “cool.” No. Suggesting to kids that having their friends treat them that way is such a bad example.
It was also poorly written, with typos and grammatical errors. It was very basic and read more like middle grade or younger than young adult. The character didn’t have believable thoughts for a kid his age.
Overall I just wouldn’t recommend this sadly. It had the potential to be a great lesson but sadly it was a failed opportunity.
Star Rating:
Score Rating: 1/10

Swept Away by Skye Jordan (N)
I knew the day we met, Chloe Hart wasn’t a woman you fuck and forget. She’s the kind of women men dream about–hotter than sin and sweeter than sugar. Her last lover scarred her heart, and despite our wicked chemistry, she’s got me locked in the friend zone. She can try to ignore the heat between us, but I’m not going away. I transferred here to support my goddaughter through her teens after her father–my partner–was killed in the line of duty. And this kid is as good at finding trouble as Chloe is at sidelining me. When Chloe’s ex shows up for the lake resort’s first big retreat, things shift on a dime. Without a second thought, I step in, publicly claiming her as mine. It seems like a harmless lie in the moment, but when one lie creates another, which creates another, the truth unravels, threatening everything I’ve come to love.
Review: I liked this. Its was a cute read with an amazing premise and don’t even get me started on Xavier. I love him, he is perfection… It’s chloe who let this down for me. I just found her so dull to read. I didnt care about her or her heartbreak from her past and because of that she just seemed so whimpy and complaining the whole book and I was just tired of it. And i understand that the books needs a big plot twist for drama but come on, that was such an over reaction to the situation on her part. It just made me mad. But other than chloe – i really liked the characters, the writing style was great and the sex scenes were really tastefully done.
Solid 3.5 stars!
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Score Rating: 6.5/10

Fragments: Memories of a Wartime Childhood by Binjamin Wilkomirski
Winner of the National Jewish Book Award
An extraordinary memoir of a small boy who spent his childhood in the Nazi death camps. Binjamin Wilkomirski was a child when the round-ups of Jews in Latvia began. His father was killed in front of him, he was separated from his family, and, perhaps three or four years old, he found himself in Majdanek death camp, surrounded by strangers. In piercingly simple scenes Wilkomirski gives us the “fragments” of his recollections, so that we too become small again and see this bewildering, horrifying world at child’s eye-height. No adult interpretations intervene. From inside the mind of a little boy we too experience love and loss, terror and friendship, and the final arduous return to the “real” world. Beautifully written, with an indelible impact that makes this a book that is not read but experienced, Fragments is “a masterpiece” (Kirkus Reviews). Translated form the German by Carol Brown Janeway.
“This sunning and austerely written work is so profoundly moving, so morally important, and so free from literary artifice of any kind at all that I wonder if I even have the right to try to offer praise.”–Jonathan Kozol, The Nation
Review: I read this for my English literature course and adored it. I cried so much. And then I found out about the issues behind its publication and the whole thing changed for me. *I stopped my review short as I didn’t want to spoil the controversy behind it’s publication in case any of you want to read it because I really recommend reading it and then learning the truth because it adds another layer of heartbreak to everything.
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐
Score Rating: 5/10

So guys those are all the short books I’ve read recently. I’ve just been adoring reading short books at the moment and these shorter reviews have also been fun to intersperce with my longer ones. But anyway, I will see you tomorrow for a Halloweeny Tag!! Can’t wait to hear about all the books you’ve been getting too! See you then ❤

Are you more of a long book or a short book person?
Did you still like this kind of post with lots of mini reviews?
Any Novella recommendations since Netgalley’s has dried up?

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