Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Vicariously

Definition: in a way that is experienced in the imagination through the actions of another person.

Where I Heard It: I love this word. I use it all the time and yet I realised that I hadn’t done a word of the week on it and I knew this was a travesty and I had to rectify this immediately. Hence, why it is this week’s word.

Pronunciation: Vi-k-ree-ieh-slee

Stay safe guys!!

11 thoughts on “Vicariously

    1. Thanks so much! Ive been doing it for three years now so safe to say im starting to run out of words so I’m glad i could still find great words to use for it xx

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  1. I would so love to hear your Scottish accent. Here in South Africa, we are fond of that, of Scots and the goodness that come from Scotland. Ships, trains and a wee dram, perhaps also a bonnie lassie.

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      1. We and the Scots have something in common as the Afrikaans people consist of 40% Dutch 40% German 9% French 8% Scottish ancestru plus 1& from a very wild party

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