My Bullet Journals – September 2020 Spreads

Hi guys!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you get up to much?
Mine was very chill, I did a little bit of Uni work, scheduled some blog posts, read and then just hung out with my family.
After my August spreads that I wasn’t very keen on I really paired down my designs for September and I loved them so much more. It’s only taken me about 10 months to actually find a Bullet Journaling style I like haha! But yeah, enough rambling – let’s just get on with my spreads.

A little backstory in case you haven’t seen my other bullet journaling posts. I started my bullet journals in January this year and I have no idea how I coped without it before. I am very new to it and most definitely still in need of improvement. While most people’s bullet journals cover every aspect of their lives – from daily planning to habit tracking etc. But I like having two separate ones, one for that kind of thing and then one for all my bookish things. Keeping them separate has really helped me keep my school work and my blog stuff organised. My love for bullet journalling just keeps growing and I really recommend it to anyone who is ever been interested in trying it out. I love looking at different spread ideas on Pinterest and Instagram too.
I’m just going to ramble through my spreads and if you guys have any ideas on how I can improve it or spreads I should add please give me suggestions, cause like I said I’m still getting into this.

Blogging Bullet Journal:

As per usual – This is my bullet journal. It’s a very pretty Teal colour, and also nice and plain. I bought it on Amazon for £8.99. It’s an A5 Dotted Notebook by Stationary Island. It has 180 pages at 120 gsm. I adore the quality and if you’re interested in getting into BuJo-ing but you don’t want to fully commit to all of the snazzy equipment that the professionals use. Sadly they don’t stock either of the colours that I own in the dotted style anymore, but they do have a really pretty taupe colour and a pale purple, that I’ve been eyeing up for next year. I just use Black Uni-ball eye pens to write everything (cause they’re my favourite pen to write with), and then my Stabilo pastel highlighters for decorational bits and pieces. I’ve also recently invested in two Tombow Markers (Black N15 and Cool Grey 3 N75) I really like them so far, except the writing has basically completely rubbed off the barrel and I have only had them a month. It’s annoying but doesn’t affect the quality of the actual marker. I really want to buy myself the pastel set because they look beautiful. While the Tombow markers are more expensive they certainly are nowhere near the most expensive on the market and I feel like they are a nice addition to my highlighters. I also bought a Uni-Ball Signo white gel pen to cover up my mistakes – this is my new lifesaver but it does take a while to dry and can be a little patchy sometimes.

This is the first page. I always show this page and it doesn’t change much- except for the small goals section that obviously changes every month. It also has my rough key – when I get a new bullet journal I am really excited to make a better key because I never use these and it just doesn’t work for me so hopefully next time my system will be better. And it just has some basic details. I actually rarely look at this page so I have no idea how it has ended up looking so grubby.

The theme I chose for this month was Plants? Or Herbs? How would you describe it? I think I got this idea from Pinterest. I tried to keep it quite simple with line drawings and just the one colour and I think it worked really well. I have been really trying with my calligraphy in the past few months but I just felt that a simpler title would work really well with this spread. I once again tried my new method for my monthly reading goals and I like it but very quickly ran out of room. So I think I might have to change it up in the future if I continue reading at the rate I currently am.

As I have said for the past few months, I have been really great at sticking to my schedule this year, and it is definitely down to my bullet journalling. I had a pretty great month of ideas too – September was actually surprisingly productive. I continued my idea of putting sticky notes on my notes page from last month. This one is my is the books I have to read and the number of pages because I am super guilty of reading books on my TBR based on the length of them as I’m not a big fan of massive books.

I am still loving my calendar page. I just like being able to see what I need to post or read in a view like this. It is great for remembering about scheduled posts especially if the date isn’t set in stone yet and you just know it needs to go up on a certain week. I condensed my spreads down a lot this month and got rid of a few. So now I have my views page next to my calendar. This is also nice to see if there is a correlation between the days I post certain things and the views I get. The stats tracker is still my favourite spread in this bullet journal. It motivates me to keep my bullet journal up to date and helps me from falling behind. Plus it’s so nice to see my improvement over the month – also which posts you guys liked and the ones you maybe didn’t like as much. So I would definitely recommend adding this spread to your bullet journal if you have one. It was definitely trial and error to get the right scale but I just have each box equal 4 so it’s nice and easy to half and quarter – plus it fits really well with the stats I tend to get each month.

Normally I am complaining about how this spread is always super empty but not this month as you can clearly see. I went a bit crazy on Netgalley haha! So crazy in fact that I had to start working backwards up the other half of the page…So I am glad I decided to keep this spread rather than culling it along with some of the others.

My monthly wrap up spread is always a godsend! Without it, I would never remember half the things I have been loving throughout the month. I have kept up the more dissected and organised sections and I think it just works so much better for me. Like I said, I was super happy with this theme and I want to keep up this more minimalistic but detailed spreads.

Personal Bullet Journal:

I use the exact same stuff in this bullet journal as I do in my blue one. It’s even the same book – just in pink. Again, all bought from Amazon and all the links to the stuff is up at the top. The first page is the same as my bullet journalling one, except with no goals section because I’ve incorporated that more into the journal itself.

The first page has my yearly book goals – and I colour them in as I go. It’s just a nice way to see your yearly progress. I recently hit my original goal of 48 books (I have upped it to 72 now) so I have just gone back into the spaces and drawn in more books. The other page is my bucket list. I once again haven’t added to this – I keep meaning to but nothing is coming to me so please leave some bucket list suggestions below!

So this is my Title and Goals page for August. Again I went for a more minimalist line art kind of theme and I am super happy with it. I am almost 100% sure I got this from Pinterest too. I kept my goals pretty specific and added to it as the month went on rather than listing them at the start of the month. I added a new tally section in order to keep up with the more long game goals and I really like the look of it and what it adds to the spread.

This is my monthly calendar and my notes page. I have once again changed my calender spread (I just made it a little bigger) I have been changing the way I did the calendar spread nearly every month because it just wasn’t working but I think I found a style that works for me now. Again, it means I can see the whole month in a one few, it doesn’t waste a double spread because I don’t need that much space but if things do get busier it can adapt and work for that too. I only had a couple of notes this month and like in my Blogging BuJo, I decided to use my sticky notes that way when I completed a note I could just take it out rather than score it out and those that are left over can be moved onto the next month easily. I didn’t actually have any notes this month but I still really like the idea of sticky notes hence why I mentioned it.

This is my habit tracker and Exercise tracker spread. And easily my favourite part of my bullet journal. It’s so interesting to see what I manage over the month. As always it is exactly the same because I really like it and it always just works for me. I love the way I structure/organise my trackers and I know I will not be changing this, I may change the things I track obviously. I was super lucky that I found a tracking system that worked for me first time with no trial and error.

I changed my spreads for this month as I was going back to Uni and I needed the bigger spreads for the work I knew they were going to throw at me haha!. Again, I only need to show one since they’re all laid out identically. It’s super easy to make daily to-do-lists which is basically all I use the weekly’s for. I’ve continued this style into October because it worked really well for me and I like that there is the space in the corner for a drawing or a doodle or something like that.

Now this is a new spread that I added to the very back of my personal BuJo – a school work tracking spread. So on one side I have a tracker that I update daily with the work/study I do for class to make sure I never miss out on anything. I felt this was super important especially with online classes just to make sure I am keeping on top of everything. Also, because I have to mark the stuff I have done off every day it keeps me super accountable to the work I have to do and so I can’t slack or I will feel guilty haha. The other spread is a large academic year calendar so I could mark out my assignments, essays, reading weeks etc. So far, with only one week of classes done I have found it super helpful and I hope it continues to be good into the further months of the year. I have a different colour for each class to make things simple and I just think it looks really good – if I do say so myself haha!

Anyway, that’s the end of this post. I hope you liked this again, I really love writing them and showcasing what I’ve done. I’m glad you guys like seeing them because they have quickly become some of my favourite posts to do. If you would like to see more BuJo content from me please tell me because I love doing it and I am also really wanting to get into that community too haha! Anyway, see you on Wednesday for my word of the week.

Any suggestions for my Bucket List?
Do you have a tracker for you Academic Work?
Would you like to see more BuJo content from me?

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