Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Uncouth

Definition: lacking good manners, refinement, or grace.

Where I Heard It: I started reading one of the texts for my university course yesterday and it’s all in Renaissance English and it used the word uncouth – A LOT! And I’ve now gained an appreciation for how nice it is to say.

Pronunciation: un-koo-thh

Stay safe guys!!

15 thoughts on “Uncouth

  1. I want to write about pious oppression of sexuality vs God’s intricate design, but fear some of it may be uncouth. I happen to know this word quite well but struggle with how society sees things in real life.

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              1. It tells of a young man that had led a wasteful life at a ‘sugar house’ and he warns others to take a different path. As the promiscuity led to his ruin.

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