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Hi all!

How has your day been so far? I had a work meeting earlier so that was a little dull but it’s just a sign of things getting back to normal life after summer.
Today, I am doing an idea that I saw Rhiannon from Previously Unread do the other day – What’s on my Netgalley Shelf. I’ve only recently stumbled upon her blog but I really really enjoy her blog posts so I highly recommend you check her out and give her some love!
I just thought it was such a cute idea, especially since I have just done my Amazon to Buy List post, and my Netgalley Tips so it just felt like this was the right time. Plus, just like Rhiannon I have a really bad habit of bulk requesting and having my shelf literally overflow – but it’s actually not too bad by my standards at the moment. I liked the idea that it was like a mini preview of what reviews were to come once I finally get around to reading and reviewing these.
As always I will link their goodreads so you can see if they will be your kind of thing too. Thanks again for letting me steal your idea Rhiannon, and I hope you all enjoy ❤

Knock Out by Willow James
Publication Date:
25 Aug 2020
Archive Date: 7 Oct 2020
Date I Downloaded it: 6 Sep 2020

A Moment In Time: Volume 1 by Joan Reeves
Publication Date: 31 Aug 2020
Archive Date: 30 Sep 2020
Date I Downloaded it: 6 Sep 2020

Poisoned by Jennifer Donnelly
Publication Date:
20 Oct 2020
Archive Date: 10 Oct 2020
Date I Downloaded it: 4 Sep 2020

Ghost by Dolly Alderton
Publication Date: 15 Oct 2020
Archive Date: Not Set
Date I Downloaded it: 28 Jul 2020

Crave by Tracy Wolff
Publication Date:
29 Sep 2020
Archive Date: 30 Nov 2020
Date I Downloaded it: 20 Jul 2020

My Backwards Life by Claire Merle
Publication Date:
16 Jul 2020
Archive Date: 20 Jul 2020
Date I Downloaded it: 21 Jun 2020

Speak the Ocean by Rebecca Enzor
Publication Date:
9 Jul 2019
Archive Date: 9 Sep 2020
Date I Downloaded it: 10 Jul 2020

Shades of Lovers by Catherine Hancock
Publication Date:
18 Aug 2020
Archive Date: 17 Aug 2020
Date I Downloaded it:
10 Jul 2020

Crowned by Christina Bauer
Publication Date: 28 Nov 2017
Archive Date: 31 Dec 2017
Date I Downloaded it: 22 Nov 2017 (*Oops!*)

So guys that is what is currently on my Netgalley shelf. I actually think I will have read Knock Out by the time this post goes up but I included just in case I don’t finish it. I hope you enjoyed this. I can do this again in 6 month- 1 year and see how much has changed or if I still have some that are unread if that sounds interesting to you guys. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow ❤

Is your Netgalley Shelf as bad at mine? Or worse?
Do you ever regret requesting books?

Are you a bulk requester like me?

16 thoughts on “My Netgalley Shelf

  1. I recently just re-logged into my Netgally account and this was back from like 2010 stuff. I apparently have over 1000 reviews I didn’t yet post?! How the heck?!

    I did get Poisoned for review recently and I’m so excited to read it! I enjoyed Stepsister by her. If you’re into retellings I’d definitely recommend it. It’s a bit of a slow read but it was SO good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Holy hell 😂😂😂 i would love to see that list!!

      Ive not started it yet, i do usually like retellings but Im definitely an impatient reader – i dont have the patience for a long opening

      Liked by 1 person

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