Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Petrified

Definition: something that turns to stone (often used to describe being so terrified you are unable to move – like you have turned to stone)

Where I Heard It: I was out for dinner with my dad and he brought up it’s meaning and how most people just think it’s about being terrified and not the original geological meaning of something becoming stony. I think the common usage of it probably derived from the Medusa where she turned you to stone with a look, hence why you would be scared – at least I would be haha. Anyway, I thought it would be good to get it’s original meaning out into the open more in case my dad is right and some people don’t know it’s origins. (not that I will ever admit that to him if he is)

Pronunciation: peh-treh-fyd

Stay safe guys!!

7 thoughts on “Petrified

  1. At Clifton’s beaches in Cape Town, waves break over what I call “petrified whales.” I used to own a part of a tree trunk that was petrified, in my rock garden, as a teen. I was once petrified, not by volcanic eruption but by a Rottweiler.

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      1. We had petrified trees and anthills; I took these home to my garden as kids were already breaking them up with ricks while it lay “safely” in nature. The pieces of tree trunk fitted each other and each was about sixteen inches long

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