Tips to Break A Reading Slump

Hi guys!

So you’ll know if you’ve been seeing my recent posts that I have been dealing with one of the worst reading slumps I can remember dealing with. I have done a lot of reading and asking for ideas on how to help so I thought it would be a nice idea to collate all the things I have seen and heard so that if anyone else is going through a bad slump like myself then maybe one of these will help you get back into a book binge. Let’s get started!

Re-read a favourite book

This is by far the most common suggestion I have read about. The theory – by rereading something you know will be good you get the excitement and joy back for reading in general and therefore can continue back to read anything you like.
I can attest to the fact that this does work. It has always been my go to fix for a reading slump – it didn’t work this time for me but it normally does so I would definitely recommend this.

Read something short

Reading something short and quick helps in two ways. Firstly, finishing a book gives a sense of accomplishment. This then makes you want to read more to get the same euphoric sense of accomplishment. And doing this breaks the reading slump.
The other way it helps is that by reading something that is fast-paced and quick because it is so short your brain doesn’t have the time to get bored in the same way that reading a 300 page or longer book does. The anticipation of a short book keeps the up your intrigue and breaks the slump. *in theory haha.

Pick out something that you didn’t plan on reading

*aka something not in your TBR pile
When you know you need to read something your brain goes into procrastination mode and does literally anything else to avoid doing this task. And then you get stuck in a slump. By changing up your plans and picking up something you didn’t anticipate reading yet you have no reason to procrastinate from that and can read just fine. Once your back in the swing of things, going back to your TBR or required reads should be easier.

Set Smaller Goals

Instead of telling yourself that you have to finish this book, say you have to finish this chapter or get to page 100 or that kind of thing. Splitting up the overall goal of completing the book can help you to manage it in your mind and also stop you getting bored when you see your small goal within reach. It makes finishing that book seem much more manageable when it feels like it’s never going to end.

Go to a Bookshop or Library

Sometimes just being around books and that bookish smell will inspire you to pick up a book and read. A lot of Library’s and some bookstores are still shut because of lockdown so if you can’t get to either maybe try hunting on Goodreads and Amazon this might give the same effect.

DNF the book that put you in the slump

*if you’re still reading it

This one doesn’t really apply to me but it is another one I have seen a lot. If a book is long and slow and laborious you can want nothing more than to never pick it up again. So do that. If it’s hindering you this much it is not worth the days, weeks, months it will suck from you haha.

Try reading something completely different! i.e Poetry, non-fiction, graphic novel

This is an idea that I hadn’t seen around very much but I thought it was very interesting. Stopping a slump seems to be in breaking up the monotony and predictability. By picking up a genre or a type of book that you don’t normally read it will do exactly that. Plus you could find a new favourite you may never have thought to try before.

Try an Audio Book

I am not a big fan of audio books. I have such bad focus that I need to see the words in front of me to process what is happening (I even watch Netflix with subtitles for this reason haha) but if you are into audio books I’ve heard that the change between visual and audio can really help break that slump by again just mixing things up and keeping this interesting to stave the boredom.

Take a Break

Sometimes, you’re just not in the mood. Trying to force it will only make the slump worse. I am super guilty of this one and I need to try get into a better mindset about this. I spend so much of the year reading books at Uni that have been decided for me when I finally get to read books that I want to I should do it for enjoyment and not because I feel like I have to. Maybe taking this month off from reading will be beneficial for me in the long run ❤

That’s all for this post. Just like my Book Blogging Glossary and my Tips for New Bloggers post, if I find some new ways to break a slump I will come back and update this so that it’s constantly helpful. I hope you enjoyed this and that it helps break that slump because they really suck. Have a great day and an even greater weekend! I will see you again on Monday ❤

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