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Hi guys!

Happy Tuesday. I have been in the worst reading slump at the moment and I really need to get out of it because I have quite a few books to get to this month. Any tips for getting out of slumps would be great ❤

Anyway, a little while ago I saw BabblesnBooks do this tag and I thought it was super cute. I wasn’t actually tagged but it looked too good to not do so I hope that’s okay. I will stop rambling now and just get into it! (Warning, this is a very rambley post)

Find a book for each of your Initials:

I’ve seen some people do their initials and other people have done the letters of their first name or surname. I think I’ve going to do my first name because it’s more mixed than my initials which are just MSM.

M – Man Crush Monday by Kirsty Moseley

A – Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett

Y – Yes No Maybe So by Becky Alberetti and Aisha Saeed (I’ve not actually read this yet but with books starting with Y is super tough)

Count your age along your bookshelf:

I just turned 20 at the end of June. My most recent bookshelf tour isn’t quite accurate anymore because I added a new shelf because my collection was overflowing but the main idea of it still stands – it’s organised by genre and then in alphabetical by authors surname and then alphabetically by title if I own multiple standalone’s by said author. And obviously I put a series in the order the series goes. Moving from Left to right across the shelf…just thought I should add this to clarify since one of my friends goes Right to Left on her shelf (the weirdo hehe)

Anyway, the first genre on my shelf is YA Contemporary/Romance. And the 20th book along is Dear Evan Hansen by Val Emmich. I am nuts about the musical although I am yet to read the book. It was oddly enough a gift from said weird bookshelf girl from above. I love Dear Evan Hansen – it’s got some obscenely catchy tunes and I can imagine singing along with the book at the top of my lungs.

Pick a book set in your City/Country:

Off the top of my head I cannot remember reading a book that is set in Scotland. I did MacBeth at school but I don’t think that counts haha. The only one that comes to mind is Outlander by Diana Gabledon, although I’ve not actually read it but I adore the TV show so I’m going to count it.

Pick a book that has your favourite colour on it:

A Bad Boy Stole My Bra by Lauren Price was the first one that came to mind when I thought of yellow covers. I love yellow – it’s so bright and sunny and happy and is great in very season and at every time of the day. Plus it looks so pretty in makeup too and it really suits my very very pale skin. This cover is so fun and quirky, quite like the colour itself.

Which book do you have the fondest memories of?:

Definitely Falling Fast by Sophie McKenzie. I was in first year of high school (12 years old) and I was going on a school trip to the Edinburgh Book Festival. She gave a talk and I fell in love with her description of the Flynn Series. I bought it at the event and I had it signed. (It has been very well read, broken spine, discoloured pages, watermarks, the whole shebang) That weekend I was going camping with my family.

I was never a big reader but I read every now and again. I read Falling Fast the entire car journey and spent the first night staying up super late to finish it. I was literally in love. I demanded we spent the next day hunting around all the Waterstones in the area to try and hunt down the next two books in the series because I just had to read them right this second. We hunted for ages but I got them. I spent every other free second reading that weekend and I finished the third book on the Sunday just before we went home. I cried in the car because it ended on a cliffhanger and the last book hadn’t been written yet. It was the first book series I ever really fell in love with and I have reread it 1000 times over. It basically made me love reading so without it I wouldn’t have my blog.

Which book did you have the most difficulty reading?:

This is a very recent read for me which is why it came to mind first: Altered Helix by Stephanie Hansen. It was only 88 pages but it took so much will power to not DNF this. My review was very very negative which is a shame. Some other reads that I struggled with however have been; The House of Night Series by P.c and Kristen Cast (well the first two because that’s all I could manage) The Rest of The Story by Sarah Dessen (This was just really slow but good once it got going, just hard to get to that stage) and Love on the Main Stage by S.A Domingo.

Which Book On Your TBR Pile Will Give You The Most Achievement When You Finish It?:

Probably the fifth book in the Lux Series by Jenifer L. Armentrout: Opposition. I adored the first 4 books and the novellas and Daemon’s POV of the first three books, but I am yet to have finished the original series. The main reason was because I couldn’t get a hold of it in the UK and after having the rest of the series in physical form I couldn’t bring myself to not read the last one the same way. It was about 3 months later when I finally got it. At this point I was in the middle of my exams so I didn’t have time to read it and then when I finally did have time, the excitement and urge to read it had gone because there were other books I was hyping over. I also have waited so long now that I think I would need to reread the whole series before getting to this so that I remember everyone and everything that happened. A subconscious part of it is also probably down to me not wanting the series to end haha.

I’m tagging anyone who wants to do this just like me ❤

I hope you enjoyed this. It was a really fun one. Have a great day ❤

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