Top 5 Book Genres I Avoid

Hi guys!
Happy Tuesday 🙂 How are you feeling? I have been on a reading rampage this weekend, in the past 5 days I have read 4 books which has to be like a new record for me cause I usually take a break between finishing a book and starting the next but not this time. Anyway, today’s I thought of when I was doing my last Top 5 post (Top 5 book tropes to avoid) and I found myself keep wanting to write genres down instead of tropes so hence why I thought I would do this. Now obviously I do still dabble in these genres, and I own way more of them than I probably should but on the whole I never enjoy reading thee as much as a YA Romance or a mystery etc. Anyway, let’s get started on the list. (They’re in no particular order)

1. High Fantasy

I adore Urban Fantasy and it takes up a large space on my shelves. But when it comes to high fantasy things just fall flat for me. I don’t know what it is, cause it’s certainly not the supernatural elements that deter me. I just think I relate more to characters when their in a world that I know and understand maybe.

2. Thriller/Suspense

This is one of those genres I pick up quite a few of. When I’m standing in Waterstones or browsing Amazon and I read these amazingly gripping blurbs they sounds just amazing so I grab them, but when it comes to reading I always feel like there’s something missing. I think it’s the fact they have an element of mystery to them that ropes me in, but when it’s not a proper full fledged mystery story and a little more action based I get a little disappointed.

3. Dystopian

This is probably similar to High Fantasy in the way that I’m not a fan because it pulls me from my comfortable real-life settings. Plus, dystopian’s are always so gloomy, and I know that’s the point (if it wasn’t bad there it would be a utopia instead ahah) but I like to have some happier or funnier elements when I’m reading and the dystopian’s I have read don’t really have that.

4. Horror

This is a genre I don’t even think I own because I know that it’s not for me. If you saw my last top 5 post you’ll know I’m not a fan of gore, both in the physical form and in the literary form too and that’s a big part of horror novels. I also hate scary movies. I don’t understand why you’d want to make yourself scared. People tell me it’s about the adrenaline rush – but I get that from a cute romance instead haha!

5. Literary Fiction

This is another genre that I don’t know if I own. I just know it’s all about larger morals, flowery writing and self-discovery. Not my kind of thing. Just leaves me feeling cold and wishing I’d picked up something else.

That’s all for this post, I hope you liked my list! I want to know about the genres you avoid most and if we had any overlap…or maybe these are some of your favourites and you can enlighten me to the greatness of them! Anyway, have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Book Genres I Avoid

  1. I’m a big scaredy cat so I avoid all suspenseful or scary genres! So I don’t read mysteries, thrillers, or horror ever! Unless a book has a mystery plotline I was unaware of. But even then the more dominant genre is romance or contemporary.

    I also don’t reach for historical fiction very often. There are some historical fiction books like All the Light We Cannot See or The Book Thief, that I love, but I reach for a book in this genre maaaaaaaaaaybe once every three years!

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    1. I’m exactly the same. I get so easily scared 😂. I do love murder mysteries though so that’s the exception for me. I definitely read romance the most, for me I really struggle when there’s no romance in a plot at all.

      Read a really great historical spy series by Y.S.Lee that was just incredible so I couldn’t feel like I could put historical books on the list despite not reading many of them 😂

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  2. I have to admit, I adore high fantasy! I love an urban fantasy novel too (chicagoland vampires 1-4 are some of my fave books) but i don’t always like the writing style and can find em a little repetitive. It’s interesting to read about different people’s tastes!xx

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    1. One of my favourite urban fantasy series I read was the Dresden Files. It was really good, or atleast the first three were. But I definitely agree about the repetitiveness of them. Hearing what kinds of books others like is so interesting 🤗


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