My Bullet Journals – May Spreads

Hi guys!

This month’s bullet journal tour is a little different because I decided to include both of my bullet journals. I had loads of people request to see my “normal/everyday” bullet journal and not just my blogging related one so I thought I would go through both of them.

A little backstory in case you haven’t seen my other bullet journalling posts. I started my bullet journals in January this year and I have no idea how I coped without it before. I am very new to it and most definitely still in need of improving. While most people’s bullet journals cover every aspect of their lives – from daily planning, to habit tracking etc. But I like having two separate ones, one for that kind of thing and then one for all my bookish things. Keeping them separate has really helped me keep my school work and my blog stuff organised. And for a few months I have been adoring watching bullet journalling videos, mainly Plant Based Bride (who’s spreads are always beyond stunning) so if you’re into bullet journalling you need to check her out!

Blogging Bullet Journal:

I’m just going to ramble through my spreads and if you guys have any ideas on how I can improve it or spreads I should add please give me suggestions, cause like I said I’m just getting into this kind of thing. This is my bullet journal. It’s such a pretty Teal colour, and also nice and plain. I bought it on Amazon for £8.99. It’s an A5 Dotted Notebook by Stationary Island. It has 180 pages at 120 gsm. I adore the quality and if your interested in getting into BuJo-ing but you don’t want to fully commit to all of the snazzy equipment that the professionals use. I just use a Black Uni-ball eye pens to write everything (cause they’re my favorite pen to write with), and then my Stabilo pastel highlighters for decorational bits and pieces.

This is the first page. I know I showed it in my last two bullet journal posts but cause it houses my small goals section I feel like I need to keep showing it to indicate my progress! It just has all my blogging details, in case I lose it…or maybe cause I feel fancy writing down like it’s important information. On the other side of the page is my key to decipher my notes pages from months past, plus it helps to keep a nice cohesive theme between all of my monthly spreads.

The theme I chose for this month was Ice-creams. I just wanted to make it all about the sunshine and fun! While I like the idea behind it, I think it’s a little bitty and all over the place. I wish it was a bit more cohesive. My drawings are certainly still amateur but they get the job done. Same as last month my TBR is colour coded to my enjoyment. I wasn’t very ambitious with my reading this month – hence the blank book spines. I love the colour-coding system though, it makes it so easy to look back and not only see how much I read but whether it was a good reading month or not.

Unlike my previous posting schedule pages this one is relativly tidy and I stayed on schedule all month…which was a little taxing but rewarding in the end because I was super happy with all the posts I put out. I had a lot of ideas moved from last month, but equally quite a few from this month and then some I’ve had to move into June’s schedule too! Again, another pretty full and chaotic page but I like it because it makes me look productive!

This next page is my book purchasing pages, both physical and e-book. And then I have the books I want to buy. Again, I was relatively nice to my bank account this month as I didn’t buy too many things. I tried to use goodreads less this month because my TBR was getting out of hand, hence why the books I want to buy list is so short.

My monthly wrap up spread is always a godsend! Without it I would never remember half the things I have been loving throughout the month. I know all of the spreads are kind of similar, in layout and appearance but for me this is definitely function over fashion, unlike my personal bullet journal which is a bit more aesthetic. After enjoying the two shades of highlighter last month, I continued that this month with the pink and blue and I still like it a lot.

It’s my monthly Anticipations, as well as a Stats Tracker. Like I said last month, I’ve found that the Anticipations isn’t completely necessary but I’m still testing it out to see if it grows on me. The stats tracker however is still my favoruite spread in this bullet journal. It motivates me to keep my bullet journal up to date and helps me from falling behind. Plus it’s so nice to see my improvement over the month – also which posts you guys liked and the ones you maybe didn’t like as much. So I would definitely recommend adding this spread to your bullet journal if you have one. The only thing that irritates me about it is I have to try and predict how my month will go stats wise and as you can see I guess wrong and had to go off the scale hahaha.

Personal Bullet Journal:

I use the exact same stuff in this bullet journal as I do in my blue one. It’s even the same book – just in pink. Again, all bought from Amazon and all the links to the stuff is up at the top. The first page is the same as my bullet journalling one, except with no goals section because I’ve incorporated that more into the journal itself.

The first page has my yearly book goals – and I colour them in as I go. It’s just a nice way to see your yearly progress. I am about 6 books behind schedule at the moment – ahhh. Hopefully I will catch up this month. The other page is my bucket list. Which isn’t very long at the moment. It just has some big goals I want to get done in my life. I am a massive Musical nerd – so I NEED to go and visit Broadway somepoint in my life, I also want to publish a book and I want to get back into learning more French because I adore the country and the language and I’m sad I let it slip. I thought it was a cute spread to include.

So this is my first actual spread of the month of May. I stole the idea from Pinterest (as I do most my ideas) I’m clearly still working on my calligraphy too but other than that I love it. I think the Lavender is a super cute theme and I love purple so what’s not to love. I love the header of my Monthly Goals page. You can see I managed most of them except paint. I learnt that I need to make the goals more specific because it’s hard to evaluate whether you’ve “written more” at the end of the month… written more what May – god I need to get better at this hahaha.

This is my monthly calendar. I have downsized in June to just one page rather than the double spread cause as you can see…I didn’t really use it. This might be cause of Corona and I’m not really doing much, so it might go back to the double in September when Uni starts. I’m not a fan of the two quotes at the bottom…I didn’t plan for them, I just had awkward spaces and tried to fill them. If I’d planned for them it would have looked so much better.

This is my habit tracker and Exercise tracker spread. And easily my favoruite part of my bullet journal. It’s so interesting to see what I manage over the month. I’ve really been wanting to loose weight, hence why I’m giving so much space to exercise compared to my other habits. I love the way I structure/organise my trackers and I know I will not be changing this, I may change the things I track obviously. Also the weird line graph is the glasses of water I drink a day.

And the last spread I will show you is the first weekly spread. I only need to show one since they’re all laid out identically. It took some trial and error over months but this is my favoruite layout for my weekly’s at the moment. It makes it so easy to make daily to-do-lists which is basically all I use the weekly’s for. Plus I get pace for a quote that fits my mood that week. Clearly I was feeling a bit low at the start of May judging by the Les Miz quote.

Anyway, that’s the end of this post. I hope you liked this again, I really love writing them and showcasing what I’ve done. I’m glad you guys asked to see both bullet journals because although i keep them separate I love having both and if I combined them it would be longest months ever hahah. Plus this way I get to pick two different themes. That’s all for this post, have a good day guys!

23 thoughts on “My Bullet Journals – May Spreads

  1. I have a BuJo too but it’s nowhere near as pretty as yours! Mine is mainly for recording blog stats and blog content but I’m inspired by your book goals tracker, that’s such a cool layout! Thank you for sharing your BuJo with us 🙂 Lisa

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I feel like I’ve improved so much from just doing these. I didn’t realize how much I missed drawing until I got into bullet journalling at the start of the year 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely loved this!! I’ve tried so many different journals digital and physical. I’m just not super creative but even the simple stuff looks so good. Your art and journals look great!! Maybe I’ll give my BUJO another go!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks 🤗 I definitely recommend simple themes when you first start out. I definitely tried to go too big too quick and now I try avoid looking at my early spreads 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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