Tips for New Bloggers

Hi guys!

I’ve been wanting to do this post for the past week or so but had other things scheduled so I’m only just getting to it now. I’ve seen a few others do it since then cause clearly great minds think alike! Since COVID-19 has basically the whole world stuck in their homes I have seen a massive rise in not just the views on my blog and my twitter but also an influx of start up blogs who have taken this horrible experience, and has turned it into a great opportunity to dive into the world of blogging. It was a similar boredom of the summer holidays in 2017 that finally pushed me into starting up and to think that’s nearly 3 years ago now is just insane to me! Anyway… in these three years I might not have learned as much as I would have liked to but, I want to try and impart the little knowledge I do have with you bloggers in an attempt to make it easier for you because I adored these posts when I first started.

Before I start though, I just want to say Hi! To all the new bloggers, the one’s who started in the new year, the ones who have been going for the same length of time as myself or even longer! Welcome to our lovely community, I hope you stick around. I want the comments of this post to be a place to swap and share tips as this dovetails nicely into my first point…

Interact with the community!
I know this seems basic but I feel like I should state it anyway – follow other blogs you like, like the posts that interest you, comment and strike up a conversation and make friends. This is my favourite part of the blogging community. You can meet people you never anticipated meeting before and become great friends! Also join twitter threads and post your content there, it will reach people outside of your ‘target demographic’ and again maybe you’ll make friends with someone who blogs about gardening when you blog about art. Same goes for Facebook groups. The best part of blogging is the community, so make use of it.

Post consistently
It doesn’t need to be every day – even if it’s just once a month having the consistency means people will keep coming back and enjoying your rambles.

Don’t post things you don’t enjoy
This kind of goes against what I said above, and it took me a while to realise that there is no point in posting every single day (or whatever your schedule is) if you are not happy with the stuff you are posting. If you wouldn’t even read it – who would? Along a similar line, enjoy writing your posts. I have worked out that people tend to be able to tell when someone has truly enjoyed writing something and that definitely helps

Spell check!
I am so bad for this, but believe me – people like reading things that are legible…Since I started using Grammarly *NOT SPONSORED* the quality of my posts have gone up and so have my views.

Don’t Focus Solely on Figures, Instead Make Goals
This is another one that I still battle. I know I shouldn’t check how well my post has done every 20 minutes but I do. Blogging is more than just how many people saw your review or your tag. However, don’t take this as don’t make goals! Blogging goals are one of the things that motivate me to keep posting and improving. For example: I always try to post every day in March, I have tried for the past 3 years and I like having it as a small yet achievable goal. Another example, is if you want to hit a certain number of viewers a month or a certain number of likes a day. I’ve found if you don’t meet your goals it inspires you to try harder to improve and focus on your blog which leads back into consistency. Also, if you do meet your goals you tend to be happier – which I like I said above, you can tell through your writing that your excited about achieving these things. One last small point on this…start with small goals and build. There is no point in aiming for 8,000 views a month when you first start because that will just put you off when you don’t reach it. Last point in this section I swear! I know a lot of people blog for the cash, but it takes a looooonnnggg time to get to that stage where it is anything substantial. So don’t blog if you want instant cash, cause that will not happen (maybe try some surveys or something 😉 )

Reach out to writers, publishers and Book Tour Companies
When I first started I didn’t know what a Book Blitz was, or a Book Tour, or an ARC. But once I understood what they were I realised they were invaluable to my blog! I got to read new incredible books while also posting and interacting with my community! Just amazing! Not all publishers or writers will reply, but there is no harm in trying – just don’t badger them obviously…no reply means there not interested, not that they didn’t get your 80+ emails.
Obviously, if your not a book blog these people will change depending what your niche is, but you will all have your equivalent people.

A Way To Stay Organised
If you saw my post from the other day, you’d know that they way I stay organised is by a blogging bullet journal. I’ve linked that post so you can see why I personally find this medium so handy for tracking all my blogging stuff, along with the spreads I use and how I use them to help me. But if your not into bullet journalling and you just want to write stuff in a notebook or in a word document or something like that then go for it! The important thing is that you have a place to jot down ideas for posts and a posting schedule if you have a hectic one. I have many more spreads in my bullet journal but that’s cause I love facts and figures and there’s something satisfying about being able to look back and see what my progress was throughout the month, or what my favourite song was from 8 months ago. I cannot express how much having an organizer for all my blogging stuff has made my life easier because I’m not constantly stressing about remembering things I need to post.

Anyway…I hope this helped at least one person. That’s all the tips I think I’ve gathered over my time blogging – hopefully I will only continue to learn in the years to come. Thanks for stopping by! Remember to pop a comment below if you have any other great tips – or just if you want a chat. I am always up to make more friends here ❤

64 thoughts on “Tips for New Bloggers

  1. I’ve been blogging for five years now, this still helps me lol. I have problem with being consistent but I guess I have time now, I can finally be active again in blogging and writing.

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    1. I’m so glad it helped! I was so bad for inconsistent posting before lockdown. I’m coming up for 4 months of consistent 5 days a week posts. I know that once things get back to normal it’s going to go back to nonsense schedules again 😂

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  2. I have just started blogging again after a gap of several years, and I was never hugely successful (in terms of likes / followers) the first time round, so it really feels like I’m starting completely from scratch. Your post is so helpful that I have bookmarked it for future reference, and will doubtless re-read it many times over the coming weeks and months: THANK YOU!

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  3. great tips! very helpful for anyone looking to grow and improve their page, thank you very much for sharing☺️

    Follow @everythingtips for more tips and recommendations if interested☺️ It would mean a lot to me!

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  4. Now, I know it doesn’t need to post everyday, I’m really doing lots of things everyday and I only write when I have free time . I am really wondering which is a better way to post everyday or just sometime in a week , thanks for this post I’m new and I get some of these to apply mine.

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    1. I definitely don’t think you have to post every day. I only post 5 times a week but I stick to a strong schedule and sure my views are lower over the weekend when I don’t post but they’re not nonexistent. I think what really helps is that even if you don’t post on a day is to go and read other posts, like other blogs, follow, comment – just interact with other people so it doesn’t feel like just because you didn’t post today or this week or whatever that you’re not there at all…if that makes sense?

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  5. Hey ! Thank you so much for this post ..these tips are really helpful.. I am gonna use some of these for sure ..specially the one about making goals for myself as I come and go to this blogging world.. much love ❤️

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  6. Such a great post! I’ve been blogging for 3 years now and I agree with so many of these tips (and honestly I could do to use some of these more myself haha), I definitely agree with not posting things you don’t enjoy, I never post something I haven’t enjoyed writing or taking photos for 😊

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    1. Yeah, it took me so long to realise that. I still sometimes don’t post things I love especially if I’ve promised someone I would but I end up feeling guilty about it


      1. This year I’m using a regular paper planner book….not one specifically for blogging though. Mainly I need lots of white space so that I can make plans and change them! 😂 I also need a record so I can look back next year. I’ve tried spread sheets and keeping notes in my notes app on my iPad…..but nothing beats paper and a lovely pen!

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  7. LOVE this post!!! Most of all the spell check part – it’s hard to believe sometimes what people post. Take the time and pride in what you post. Check it and re-read it a couple times before posting. Of course this is no guarantee, and mistakes sneak by, but at least you gave it your all. 😀

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