Top 5 Favourite Book Covers

Hi guys,

How is your Sunday going? I have an essay due on Thursday and I’m not happy with how much I’ve done of it so hopefully I can get a good chunk of it done today. This post is kind of like a part two but not, Last March I did a post about my top 5 favourite book covers I own. Today’s post is just my favourite book covers, doesn’t matter if I own them or not. Let’s get into this.

1. Transcendent (Denazen #4) by Jus Accardo

I think this is stunning! Everything from the colour to the actors poses and the paint/mist explosion thingy! For the release of this she had all the covers redone and they are just as great and look brilliant all together as a set rather than the original covers – which were nice and fit well with the story but were’t as eye catching as these.

2. Distortion (Phobos #2) by Victor Dixen

It works so well with the plot of the book! I reviewed this book last year and while it wasn’t the cover that made me pick it up cause it was the second in the series it definitely made me appreciate it more. The colours are stunning!! I love the mix of the pink, the purple and the dark sky behind! It’s just so aesthetically pleasing! As a set they all look great together also which is important to me since they will all have to be next to each other on my shelf.

3. Memory Walker by Carly Marino

I reviewed this book a while back and even then I remember how much impact the cover had on me! Pretty sure I have a good wee ramble about it. It’s absolutely stunning. I love the movement of her hair with the blasts of light from behind. Despite the boldness of the image the writing isn’t overshadowed by it. Just so well done. If you can see a bit of a theme resonating here…I like blue and ethereal cover schemes.

4. Aurora Rising By Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Again following a similar theme of covers that attract my attention, it’s a stunning purple with strong emphasis on the stars. I love the accent on the o of Aurora. And the contrasting colours for the authors names is just so pretty!

5. Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

While this doesn’t stick to the same dark colour scheme it’s the ray of sunshine bursting through. It’s like you can almost feel the heat on your skin, like you’re actually there with them. I love a good shadow moment as well.

Which of these did you like best? Any books you think have nicer covers than these? A lot of people aren’t a fan of people on the covers but as you can tell I kind of love it! Anyway, I hope you have a good day and see you tomorrow!

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