Let’s Get Chatting…#5

Today’s Topic is Harry Potter
Let’s get chatting…

I chose this weeks topic because I was chatting with Jill from Jill’s Book Blog in the comment section of one of her posts the other day and we mentioned how neither of us particularly feel comfortable speaking out about our gripes against this Worldwide phenomenon. The more I thought about this, the more it annoyed me because I should be able to talk about these things here on my blog, cause it’s just fictional characters and I’m only being constructive and we’re all allowed different opinions. I am never trying to force my views in these posts, it’s mostly for me to ramble and get things off my chest and hear what you guys think about it too. But anyway, enough preamble…let’s really get into things.

My Background with the Franchise:
I feel like I kinda missed the boat a little with the books when I was younger…as a guide when I was born the 4th book was coming out so the series is actually finishing by the time I could read or write. Shoutout to my Dad (AKA THE BEST DAD EVER) who read the entire series when I was like 5 because he thought I would want to read them one day and did it so we could read it together and chat about it. My parents introduced me to the movies before the books. I remember them bringing the DVD of the first one home a couple years after it had come out. I was all about magic when I was younger so the genre definitely appealed to me. I remember loving the characters so much. I avidly watched the entire movie franchise and still adore it to this day. Plus the computer games which were such a massive part of my childhood, especially wizard chess in the 5th game and Peeves in the 1st! So when I eventually did get old enough to get out of my hating reading phase and realised the joy of it I tried to give the books a shot. I was 14 or 15. And…let’s say I was disappointed…

My Big Gripe With Harry Potter:
The writing…
I hate it.
I am honest enough to admit that I couldn’t get past book three. I hate J.K Rowling’s writing style. I find it slow and laborious and it’s overall just not for me. I’ve tried a few times since the age of 14 to give it another shot and despite adoring the characterisation, the plots, the incredible world she creates that immerses you so deep somehow the writing makes it unbearable for me to read. It feels childish, which I know is ridiculous to say cause it is a children’s book after all but that only confuses me more because so many adults adore it and reread it every year despite this. This could because they grew up reading it so it has a special place in their heart, which I totally get cause I’m the same about the very hungry caterpillar haha. I’ve heard a few people feel the same as me when it comes to her writing, who posed to me that that is why it took so long for her first book to be picked up by a publisher because the quality of the writing lacked, and thankfully someone eventually looked past that and gave her a chance because they could see the potential of the remarkable world J.K Rowling created.

Again, please don’t take this as me not appreciating qualities of the book, or that I hate harry potter…cause that’s not true, I just hate the writing style. Which is okay cause not everything works for everyone. I have taken the Pottermore test just like everyone else, I’ve been to Harry Potter Warner Bros studio in London and adored every minute and I would count myself as a fan. A very quick last thing I wanted to touch on is the Community. And just like any other community, there is the good and the bad. I know how many friendships have been founded on this incredible series, which is truly amazing – but also the fact that people feel like they can’t speak out about there views on it merely because they fear the hate they’ll get back for it from the Potterheads is insane. As I mentioned at the start it’s fiction! Noone should fear backlash for their opinions on fiction. So I’m hoping this very honest post gets some discussion cause I’m always wanting to hear new views on this. Maybe there is something big that I’m missing and you guys will tell me and it will click and I’ll be a true fan. Tell me down below what you think and if you like that Let’s Get Chatting is Back?
Hope you have a great day and See you tomorrow.

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