Friday Finds #3


How are you? I’m currently away with my family for my Mum’s Birthday so I’m writing this a few days in advance. I thought I would do another one of these because I really liked it doing them before because I love hunting for new books – even if my bank account hates it, because I am literally terrible at not buying books that I like XD

The basic premise is I tell you about the books I have found on Goodreads and that I’ve added to my ever-growing TBR. I love hunting for new things to read so this is really up my street. Anyway, Let’s Get Started.


Dry by Neal and Jarrod Shusterman. I actually didn’t find this on Goodreads, my friend Anna is reading it at the moment and it sounds good so I looked it up on Goodreads.

When the California drought escalates to catastrophic proportions, one teen is forced to make life and death decisions for her family in this harrowing story of survival, The drought—or the Tap-Out, as everyone calls it—has been going on for a while now. Everyone’s lives have become an endless list of don’ts: don’t water the lawn, don’t fill up your pool, don’t take long showers.
Until the taps run dry. Suddenly, Alyssa’s quiet suburban street spirals into a warzone of desperation; neighbors and families turned against each other on the hunt for water. And when her parents don’t return and her life—and the life of her brother—is threatened, Alyssa has to make impossible choices if she’s going to survive.

Contemporary Romance:

The Trouble with Flying by Rachel Morgan. This sounds so much like the Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E.Smith, I love the idea of Aiden already, I definitely find myself relating to him even though I’ve not read it yet ahah.

Sarah doesn’t talk to strangers. It’s awkward, stressful, and there’s the uncontrollable blushing to worry about. When she boards a plane to fly home after an overseas holiday, she plans to stick her nose in a book and ignore everyone around her.
Aiden’s terrified of flying, and it’s his first time on a plane. If he can distract himself by talking non-stop for the entire flight, he will. Too bad for Sarah he’s sitting right next to her. Against all Sarah’s expectations, she ends up enjoying Aiden’s company. They laugh, argue, concoct stories about other passengers, and accidentally hold hands during the turbulence. When the time comes to say goodbye, Sarah can’t help the crazy thought that she shouldn’t let Aiden go. 
Then he kisses her.
And then he’s gone.
With her world turning upside down in more ways than one, Sarah has to make a decision: stick with the safe, predictable life that’s been mapped out for her, or find the courage to go after what she truly wants.

Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols.The name is what drew me to this as I have been described as a bit of a flirty person so I liked that idea as a title. It’s also part of a series called Superlatives which only drew me in more. Plus the blurb sounds like HEAVEN! ❤

Tia just wants to have fun. She’s worked hard to earn her reputation as the life of the party, and she’s ready for a carefree senior year of hanging out with friends and hooking up with cute boys. And her first order of business? New guy Will. She can’t get enough of his Midwestern accent and laidback swagger. 
As the sparks start to fly, Will wants to get serious. Tia’s seen how caring too much has left her sisters heartbroken, and she isn’t interested in commitment. But pushing Will away drives him into the arms of another girl. Tia tells herself it’s no big deal…until the yearbook elections are announced. Getting voted Biggest Flirts with Will is, well, awkward. They may just be friends, but their chemistry is beginning to jeopardize Will’s new relationship—and causing Tia to reconsider her true feelings. What started as a lighthearted fling is about to get very complicated… 

Historical, Paranormal Romance:

The Uninvited by Cat Winters. This reminds me so much of Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin! It sounds amazing!! Plus the cover is stunning!

Twenty-five year old Ivy Rowan rises from her bed after being struck by the flu, only to discover the world has been torn apart in just a few short days.But Ivy’s life-long gift—or curse—remains. For she sees the uninvited ones—ghosts of loved ones who appear to her, unasked, unwelcomed, for they always herald impending death. On that October evening in 1918 she sees the spirit of her grandmother, rocking in her mother’s chair. An hour later, she learns her younger brother and father have killed a young German out of retaliation for the death of Ivy’s older brother Billy in the Great War. Horrified, she leaves home, to discover the flu has caused utter panic and the rules governing society have broken down. Ivy is drawn into this new world of jazz, passion, and freedom, where people live for the day, because they could be stricken by nightfall. But as her ‘uninvited guests’ begin to appear to her more often, she knows her life will be torn apart once more, but Ivy has no inkling of the other-worldly revelations about to unfold.

So, That’s it. I didn’t find many this time around. I’m blaming my reading slump because I was being really picky haha. Anyway, see you tomorrow ❤

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