Paper Cuts

Hi guys,

Today’s post is something different. For any avid readers of my blog you will know that I am a budding writer and recently it’s not been just novels or short stories that I’ve been putting my creative juices into, it’s free-form poetry.
I’ve been wanting to start putting some of my own writing up on here for a while but only now have I gained the confidence to do so. I know what I felt and what I believe this to mean, but the great thing about poetry is it’s very subjective so I’d like to know how you interpret it. I would love constructive criticism so that I can improve. It may not be the best thing ever written but I am proud of it, so please be nice ❤
After that lengthy spiel let’s hop right in.

Paper Cuts

Speckled pages slightly damp
weighed down by words
with too much meaning.
They cut deep.

Fingers fumble upturned corners.
Coarse delicacy between skin,
white and paper thin
blood soaks quickly.

Heart strained with feeling.
Brain pained with thought.
Veins pumping blood tenfold.
Healing growing gashes.

Deftly dealt blows of
Times New Roman Texts
pin eyes in place.
Trapped by transcript.

The outside world evaporated,
absorbed by smudged ink,
warping pages, broken spines.
The last line;

traced by captivated digits,
praying for another page.
Softly shutting the joyous
paper-bound getaway,

 The pain comes back.
Lacerations pulsing, blood meets saliva
soft suction to relieve the grief.
Who knew escaping could hurt so much?

10 thoughts on “Paper Cuts

  1. Oooh! Wow! I’m so happy you decided to share it! 😀 I would love to give you some criticism but I have no idea how to criticize poetry T___T it looks and sounds lovely to me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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