Drumline by Stacy Kestwick Review


How are you? I’ve been pretty busy. I am currently away while this post is going up. I’ve been away for the weekend with my family. Well, not really camping cause we wimped out and got a caravan cause the weather was so terrible in the Scottish highlands. But we are doing a camping (in a tent) redo in two weeks. Packing for that was hard cause I’ve still not unpacked my uni stuff since moving back home for the summer 😂. But anyway, today’s review is of Drumline by Stacy Kestwick which I read on the last day of April. Here are my thoughts…

Title: Drumline
Author: Stacy Kestwick
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Publisher: Self-Published (I think?)
Publication Date: 30th August 2017
Pages: 375

Goodreads Description:
Traditions are important. Especially in the South. 
College football. Rivalries. Tailgating. Halftime shows.
Some things just don’t change.
Until Reese Holland shows up with her long legs and no-bullshit attitude to audition for the prestigious all-male Rodner University snare line.
It doesn’t matter how much hazing she has to endure from Laird Bronson, with his narrowed green eyes and arrogant smirk. She wants that damn spot, and she’s more than good enough to earn it. 
She expects there to be tension. Even friction. 
But not sparks hot enough to burn the entire campus down.

My Goodreads Review:
This was the perfect mid-study de-stresser. Quick and easy, read in one day. A sassy female protagonist (Reese) who didn’t make stupid decisions daily for once. An incredible male lead (Laird) who has drive and passions beyond gaining the female’s affections. Laird’s chapters were my favourite to read because I loved his character. I also loved Smith, great supporting friend role who wasn’t there solely to boost Reese. Well written. Love the drummer elements and hazing in the early chapter. Sad elements to balance out the humour perfectly as to create tension but not drag the book down. Recommend.

Characters: As I briefly mentioned, I really liked Laird. His chapters were my favourites. To the point where Reece’s chapters almost dragged because I just wanted the whole thing from Laird’s POV. But I do understand why she wrote it this way because you do need both POV’s to convey the whole plot. I also loved Smith. He was a brilliant addition and I wish he had his own wee spin-off because I would read that in an instant. I also really enjoyed that they were all people in their individual right, like if you took away all the romance and plot they seemed as if they would still have a life. I would have to say this was probably my favourite part of this book, the characters were written beautifully.
Characters = 8/10

Humour: I don’t particularly remember any direct humour. I can recall some sarcasm and banter but nothing that made me physically laugh. Oh wait, there was one bit with a dildo…that was both awkward and humorous. Like not the typical kind of thing to give me the giggles but it did.
Humour = 7/10

Atmosphere: I liked the shifting atmospheres throughout the novel. The moving from the training, to her volunteering, to when she is at home, to when she is at Lairds. They all have their own distinct vibes and I liked the way it was separated, I had never really read anything where you could see a visible difference between the characters actions in difference environments. It was nice.
Atmosphere = 7/10

Writing Style: I really liked the duel POV’s it was pretty evenly split, even if I did want more Laird XD. It wasn’t flowery vocabulary, it was pretty straight to the point but I think that fit the characters and the driven and focused nature of the plot very well.
Writing Style = 8/10

Plot: It was a unique premise and I liked that there was multiple plot lines intertwining: the romance, their history’s, the medical elements, the bullying and the drumline. It was woven very well where you were constantly intrigued about what was going to happen next, and how they all seemed to unfurl simultaneously so that one didn’t finish before the others.
Plot = 8/10

Intrigue: Like I just said, it was very well separated so that you were kept guessing and on the edge of your seat for the big moments. No spoilers in the blurb or anything so it is very much reliant on the writing to hold you to the words on the page.
Intrigue = 7/10

Logic: Again, I can’t judge the realisticness of the American University/College experience but based on other media I would say it was a accurate. Especially in the early hazing chapters, that seemed like the kind of thing that would go on.
Logic = 7/10

Enjoyment: I really enjoyed it if you couldn’t tell. I mean it wasn’t bad. But it also was not my favourite book ever. It was cute and it satiated my need for a good romance and distracted me from my studies. It was gripping and well-written but nothing that had me enthralled and raving to my friends after I had finished.
Enjoyment = 6/10

Relationships: I obviously ship them…quite a bit. They are hot. The sexual tension is incredible. And the fact you get both sides really intensifies the build up because you know they both want it. Very Well Done!
Relationships = 7/10

Overall Score = 65/90 or 7.2/10
Star Rating = ⭐⭐⭐⭐

That’s the end of the review, except for the spoilers below so skip if you are not interested in being spoiled. I liked this. It was a decent and quick read. If you give it a try or have read it, tell me your opinions below or tell me on twitter cause I want to know what you think. Anyway, see you tomorrow with a post I am very excited to write! ❤

Spoiler Thoughts:

I can not believe that Eli died. That killed me inside. I was sobbing so hard. How can you build up such a brilliant character and slaughter him. The way it impacted each character was so well done and authentic and it provided the plot with such purpose and helped balance out the excitement of the first half of the plot. SO sad but so incredibly done!

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