Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Hatinator

Meaning: a small decorative hat, worn on social occasions. Typical at weddings. It is the combination of a Hat and a Fascinator.

Where I Heard It: My cousin is getting married in September and I was talking with my Aunt (his mum) about what she was wearing. She went on to describe her outfit and then the very expensive hatinator that she is getting dyed to match her outfit. As soon as she said hatinator in a calm and normal sentence I was in hysterics. I was adamant that that was not a word, but apparently in the fashion world it is a big thing. Her words being: If you don’t want the massive hat that is normally associated with someone in the bridal party, but you don’t want the fascinator that is associated with ordinary guests then the hatinator is the perfect in between. I still find it hysterical, however I kind of want one for the wedding just so I can say I own a hatinator.

Pronunciation: Hat-in-aey-tor

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