A-Z of My Favourite Authors

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I hope you are all having a good day or night. I’ve not been sleeping recently but it’s not even productive not sleeping its like I just can’t do anything…anyway I realise I talk about books and less about their incredible authors so I thought I would do an A-Z to honour my favourites (Of the moment). Their surname is the A-Z because that’s how my bookshelf is organised and it makes life easier. If there is any I don’t have a favourite author for…which is more than I expected, I will just put an X and then an author I am excited to read.

A- Jenifer L. Armentrout
B- Sarah Rees Brennan
C- Ally Carter
D- Siobhan Davis
E-  Anne Eliot
F- Eden Finley
G- AnnaLisa Grant
H- Miranda Hart – Technically a comedian but her autobiographies/books about her life were really interesting to read
I- X Eva Ibbotson (The Morning Gift)
J- X Jenny B Jones (So Not Happening)
K- Kody Keplinger
L- Y.S Lee
M- Kirsty Moseley
N- J.E Nicassio
O- X Lauren Oliver (before I fall)
P- Lauren Price
Q- X Danielle Q. Lee (Inhuman) – I know this technically shouldn’t be Q but come on…it’s so close and I have wanted to read this for a while now.
R- Carla Rehse
S- Joss Stirling
T- X T. Torrest (Remeber When)
U- X I can’t find anything I am particularly interested in!
V- X Siobhan Vivian (The last boy and girl in the world)
W- Tammara Webber
X- X I again cannot find anyone!
Y- X Cheyanne Young (Breakup Support Group)
Z- Christine Zolendz

So, that’s it. I thought this would be short and in words it is but it took me forever XD. I seriously recommend you check out all the authors I mentioned because I thought they were all incredible and their writing really stood out to me…unless I’ve not read it yet then I can’t say but anyway. If you have any authors to recommend me just leave me a wee comment and I will add it to my TBR, it might take me a while but I will get there.
I have a review up on Sunday so hope to see you back again for that because…minor spoilers…I adored it!

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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