One Year Later…


So exactly one year ago today I posted my first post…aptly named My First Post. I had been sitting on the idea of a book blog for a while as I spent basically all of my time either reading, ranting to my friends about what I have read or reading other peoples reviews wishing I could review books too…so I started. It was also in the middle of summer and I’m not going to lie, I was a little bored. I had read through 5 more books than I had originally planned to on my holiday so I was out of books and I thought a blog would be the next best thing.

One year later and I’m still here, posting as regularly as I can…which seems to not be that regular, on mainly bookish things with the occasional tv show/film related post thrown in for good measure.


1st Year Sats

138 posts (not including this one) – which averages out at 2.65 posts a week…so not great – I will try better the coming year. But the odd and unplanned symmetry makes me very happy.
111 followers – thank you so much ❤ I couldn’t have even imagined that number was achievable last year. I remember that I had a goal when I first started was that if I could reach twenty subscribers in a year I would be happy. So for me, I surpassed myself.
2,323 views – again similarly to followers its all thanks to you guys reading my odd rambles and you have completely overcome what I expected so thank you ❤

My Favourite Post:

I think my favourite post I’ve ever written was one of the following three…

my top 5 saddest book deaths – because it made me so angry and passionate when I was writing it and remembering all of the deaths was nice in an odd way, also I just love doing top 5 posts.

My Lynburn Legacy review – because it was basically a really long rant about how much I loved everything about it. It was haphazardly written and a bit of a mess but it was really what I got into blogging to do and it was like I was talking to my best friend so for me it was great!

Or it was My Year in Reading 2017 – because 1. I spent so goddamn long creating those crappy pie charts and 2. Because it was the first time I really looked back on my achievements as a blogger. When I started I thought I’d post once a week maybe once every fortnight but it won’t be a big deal and then I started and it took over my life in the best way possible. I can’t even convey now how much I adore it and how much I am grateful for being part of this incredible community and having met so many incredible people…Allie, You are probably the thing I am most grateful for because you have become my best friend and I can’t even contemplate not talking to you every day anymore ❤

Okay… I will stop being all gushy and pathetic now – but seriously thanks for still liking and following etc because it means the world to me if you stop I won’t stop but it still means the world.

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