Wednesday’s Word of the Week: Anathemize

Meaning: to curse someone or invoke evil upon them (Often supernatural connotations)

Examples: curse, condemnation, execration, malediction

Where I Heard It: The trusty Thesaurus app!

Pronunciation: Ah-na-thah-ma-ties

8 thoughts on “Anathemize

  1. Hopefully XD
    Ahhhh I see – procrastination is an issue when it comes to stretching 😂 I have never heard the phrase “balance of a spoon on its tip” before and I love it 😂😂

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        1. 😂 I’m sure they will love that!
          I did it when i was really young and then i got back into it and now I’ve stopped again 😂 procrastination + the balance of a spoon on its tip = bad ballerina

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