Interview with Carla Rehse

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Yet another great author I got to interview, Carla Rehse – one of my Top 7 Reads of 2017, Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats. I reviewed it last year HERE, after kindly being given the book to review. She was super sweet and I loved her answers – very relatable to me personally! Hope you love her and her answers as much as I did.


Firstly, can you tell us a little about yourself and how you started writing?

 I’d like to start off with thanking you for this opportunity.

I’m an Army brat and have travelled the world. I call Texas my home now. I started writing in 2009. I’ve always been an avid reader, but never thought I could write. In 2009, I read an article about J.K. Rowling, my favorite author, and what she went through while writing Harry Potter. She inspired me to attempt to write. My first book was bad. Really, really bad. But, I found a writing group, made friends, and grew as a writer.

What was your favourite part of your book to write and why?

I love endings.
Before I start a book, I always have the ending in mind.

Who is your favourite character you’ve written and why? 

Gracie was a fun character to write, as I could never be that confident—or fashionable. I also wrote a story about a girl who was kidnapped. In the same situation, I hope I’d have the same fight for survival.

How do you keep/get inspired when starting something new or are having writer’s block?

New ideas aren’t my problem—finding time to write is. I’ve learned over the years that when writer’s block hits, it’s my subconscious telling me something isn’t working right in the story. If I take a break for a few days, the problem becomes evident.

Where did the title of your book come from?

I have no idea! I still laugh when I tell people the title. It’s ridiculous and over the top. Just like Gracie.

What did you enjoy/not enjoy about self-publishing?

I enjoy the control over everything—I’m a bit obsessive and a control freak. Which is also what I don’t enjoy about self-publishing. I spent hours and hours just researching companies that create covers. Like most writers, I work full time, so my writing time is limited. I wrote very little in 2017 due to getting the book ready for release and then the time spent afterwards on blog tours, etc. It was exciting but time-consuming. I learned a lot about balancing my time.

What is your favourite: food? Tex-Mex, hands down. Anything tastes good with cilantro and fresh salsa.
movie?  It really depends on my mood. I tend to watch sci-fi or action movies. If I’m sick, I re-watch the Firefly series, then gripe for weeks about the cancellation. Browncoats forever!
book other than your own? Harry Potter series. I re-read it every year. And since I read most books on my kindle app now, I also use the books as part of my décor in my living room.

As a high school student myself, what was your favourite subject when you were my age?

I loved science, history, and English/Literature.

Who would you say was your biggest writing (and non-writing) inspiration as a child?

As a child, books were my constant while moving around. The military has played a major part of my life. The soldiers willing to put themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe has always inspired me.

If you could say anything to your younger self what would it be?

I wish I had started writing when I was younger. It’s an amazing feeling to finish a book.

Are you working on anything right now? 

I’m working on two books now. The sequel to Pink Lock Picks and a YA magical realism story about a girl who lost her family and is trying to heal.

And finally can you please tell readers how best to contact you?
Twitter is the best place to reach me: @CRehse.
Thanks again,

Isn’t she just so lovely! Thank you again for letting me ask you all these questions! I cannot wait for the sequel to Pink Lock Picks to come out because I need more of Gracie and Asher ASAP!! If you didn’t see my review of her book last year then I recommend you check it out as well as the book itself because it was incredible and jumped up my favourite reads of all time super quick – it totally took me by surprise so don’t let the extremely cheesy and yet quirky name put you off like it did with me at first!
I hope you enjoyed this interview, I still have a few more to go so keep excited for them!
Thanks and Happy Reading,

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