My Top 5 Love Triangles

My Top 5 Love Trianlges


How’s everyone’s Monday been? I’m in complete stress mode as my final exams are approaching post-haste and I am writing blog posts instead of studying… so I’m a procrastinator – sue me. Another Top 5 post that I loved the idea of because one of my favourite book tropes is a love triangle – I know it’s not for everyone but it totally gets me loving a book if there is unrequited love or something of a similar nature! It’s the drama it creates that gets me! Anyway, in no particular order…

1. Blake, Daemon and Katy from the Lux Series (Primarily in Onyx, Lux #2) by Jenifer L. Armentrout:

This is an obvious one! I loved Daemon and Katy just as everyone else did after the events of Obsidian (Lux #1) then enter Blake…aka Flake and my whole world flips!! I will always pair Daemon and Kitten together no matter what but Blake, God damn he did his job of throwing a spanner in every set of works he saw XD

2. Jared, Ash and Kami from the Lynburn Legacy Series by Sarah Rees Brennan:

Another pretty obvious one if you frequent my blog often. This series is my all-time favourite (at the current moment and for the foreseeable future) and it wouldn’t have made that position without a drama-creating, heart-breaking, heart-making love triangle! This one is made even better because of the boys being related!!!
Again Jared and Kami forever but Ash…he did melt my heart occasionally and his character arc is incredible!!! All the character arcs are incredible but his is probably my favourite.

3. Edward, Jacob and Bella from Twilight by Stephanie Meyer:

I couldn’t make a top love triangles list and not mention the granddaddy of all love triangles – Team Edward or Team Jacob? Personally, I am a Team Edward all the way! mainly because Jacob is meant to be like 15 in the first book while Bella is 17 and something about that seems a little off for me because of how young they are. Also, Edward (book not film) is hilarious…okay maybe that’s a bit far but he is so much funnier than I expected after seeing the films.

4. Pete, Eli and Abby from the Obscured Series by C.M Boers:

This one was no competition in my eyes – Eli all the way!! But I am still counting this as a love triangle because for Abby it was a choice between two, even though for me and anybody else with eyes it was a no-brainer.
(Also if there is some extreme chance in this love triangle after book 1 don’t tell me because that’s as far as I have read this series)

5. Alex, Laylen, Nicolas and Gemma from The Fallen Star Series by Jessica Sorenson:

Technically this is not a love triangle but a love quartet and not in everyone’s eyes. Let’s see if I can explain it because there’s lots of intersecting…Gemma loves Alex, is best friends with Laylen and tolerates Nicolas but kisses him on occasion; Alex loves Gemma and tolerates but dislikes both Nicolas and Laylen for many reasons but mainly because he likes Gemma and they are competition is his eyes; Laylen loves someone else, Gemma is his best friend but Alex doesn’t believe that because he is jealous and petty and annoying, Laylen doesn’t seem to have an opinion on Nicolas unless he is hurting him or Gemma; and finally Nicolas basically hates everyone but loves annoying them and causing mayhem and hitting on Gemma does that so he does it. Make sense? So it’s kind of a love triangle/quartet of jealousy than actual love…but oh well.
In this triangle, I want Gemma alone because she kinda gets on my nerves…Alex does too – Laylen and Nicolas are my favourites, just not together…alothough that could be cool!

I love love triangles! They make me happy in my soul – I just love love, and love triangles mean extra love so whats not to love about that! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! XD
I really enjoy these types of posts so if you have ideas for any more post them below pleaseeee – thanks ❤

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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