My Favourite Heart-breaking Book Moment (Spoiler!)

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How was your week? Thank heavens its Friday because who doesn’t love a Friday! Cara gave me the idea for this post so thanks hen for listening to my inconsequential blog post dilemmas. In each book I read there is normally a romantic moment that dissolves me to my core and tends to make me cry rivers worth of tears of joy at my couples finally reaching true happiness and then there is the scene that snaps that love in two leaving no pieces of hope. This heart-breaking moment made me cry for hours and hours and hours, this is just a romance-related breakup type thing that crushed my soul. My top 5 character deaths (extreme spoiler rating applied) will be coming soon – also my top 5 heart-melting moments too!

This is a super super super short post just about how much I love this series despite the tears I have shed because of it – both good and bad. I reread this scene the other day and I cried again and I just needed to rant about it.

Probable SPOLIERS coming – this is your final warning ❤








Kami and Jared – Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy #1) by Sarah Rees Brennan.

At the very end of the first book, like last few pages…Kami just severed the link to save Jared and my heart – its the final few lines of the book when you know what Jared is saying isn’t true but it places doubt in your heart and kills hope and joy and happiness and ahhhhhh I cry! Here is the line that kills me most:

“You’re nothing special.”

*tears bubble just thinking about it*

Why do authors do that!! Why do they kill you with fire and then try to rebuild you only to crush you again!! I love this series more than words!! More than anything! I love this series so much its unreal and I think its heavily due to the emotional rollercoaster this sends me on both up and down.

I’m sorry this is such a nonsense post with absolutely no point. I literally just reread it and had so many emotions flowing and excitement swirling that I had to write it down – and I might have been out of other post ideas for tonight because I’m writing this when I am craving a nap.

I promise a better post tomorrow ❤


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