One of the Stories I wrote when I was 11 (Part 1)

One of the Stories I wrote when I was 11 (Part 1).png


How are we on this fine day? I’m good thanks for asking – and if you didn’t then how rude. Anyway, at the same time as finding my old review, I found mountains of stories that my younger-self had written and here is one that I wrote (and illustrated :|) for my Primary 7 class (aged 11 so don’t judge XD) spelling mistakes and all. I don’t know how else to preface it other than I hope my writing has improved since then XD.


Chapter 1 – Where’s Kasper

On and one the thunder came like a baby to its mother. The moon shinning, showing the city.

The whole of Glasgow was bitterly cold. Lara sat by the fire with her younger brother James sitting on her knee. Lara was a young girl. She lived on Princes Street in Glasgow with her mum, gran, brother James and dog Kasper who was a black westie. Her Dad would normally be her but he was away fighting in the war. He flew Spitfires.

The family lived in a large flat above the bakery. The flat had two bedrooms, one for mum and one for gran. Lara and James shared the attic. It was large with all the heat from the main room below. It had room for all Lara’s books, two beds, Kasper’s bed and James toys. The main room had a large warming fire with a pine mantlepiece with photos and a radio on it. In the corner was Dad’s old, broken and burgundy armchair.

Lara gave a loud sigh. Gran was reading the newspaper trying to ignore James playing with Lara’s fingers. Mum was madly fiddling with the dial on the radio. Suddenly the radio man’s voice broke the worrying silence. It sounded serious. The family all landed in closer to the radio awaiting the news.

“The bombs have now it Manchester!” said the anxious news reporter.

“That’s where Dad is!” Lara yelled. Lara stared at Mum. She pulled a worried face.
“Can I go get Kasper from the attic?” Lara asked.


“Yes, if you want.” Mum answered. As Lara bumped up the stairs, all she could think about was Dad. What if something happened to him? They hadn’t had a letter in months. Secretly Mum had felt that too. Lara opened the attic door but Kasper wasn’t there Lara thought she heard the front gate click shut. She ran down both flights of stairs and out the gate and onto the pitch black street. But Kasper was nowhere to be seen. She ran up the stairs desperate to tell Mum.

“MUM, MUM, MUM! Kasper’s gone! We must go and look, we must!” Lara shouted.

“Okay, okay we will,” Mum replied trying to calm Lara down. Lara followed Mum down the stairs. Bang, bang, bang went Lara’s heels on the steps. Slam! Went the door in the wind. Princes Street was dark and icy. Mum and Lara turned the corner onto Main Avenue. They looked up and down but still, Kasper was nowhere to be seen.

“Why are you out here?” Came an old gruff voice. Mr McTavis stepped out into the light of the silvery moon.

“Oh, it’s you Mr McTavis, the Home Gaurd. You gave me an awful fright!” Mum yelped. Suddenly a loud wailing began.

“Go home and get safe, I think it’s our turn tonight!” Mr McTavis began. Mum pulled Lara away before he had finished. The gate clacked behind them as they entered the flat. Lara knew Mr McTavis was right; it was Glasgow’s turn tonight.

“Go to bed Lara dear,” Mum said to Lara’s back as she walked sadly up the stairs. Lara climbed into bed and Mum came to give her and James a kiss. Lara got up and gave one last peek out the window onto the fogged up street before Mum came and dragged her back to bed. Lara had to find Kasper, but what could she do?
I will check Victoria Cresent and then move onto Kings Lane Lara thought.

So Lara began to wait. 15 minutes past and Lara heard the bump of footsteps on the landing. She began to snore. The door clicked open. A minute later it clicked shut and then more bumps down the stairs. Lara jumped up and ran over to the door. She opened it carefully so that the click was silent. She crept across the landing and down the stairs with the same care.

She knew it was too late to turn back now.
She unbolted the door and rushed down the path before vaulting the fence, down the empty street and out into the night.

That was thoroughly embarrassing. There are two more chapters to post which I hope to put into the same post – I was just running short of time tonight and typing out these take forever!! I am on a streak with my daily posts and slow typing was not going to stop me from keeping it up. See you tomorrow for another Word of the Week – have a good day.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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