Kiss, Marry, Cliff – Favourite Male Characters Tag

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Everyone having a good Monday? It’s my yearbook photo’s today so hopefully, it goes well and I don’t look like a rat – fingers crossed.
I saw this on Shanah – Bionic Bookworm’s blog. and I adapted it to only male characters – I will do a female characters if you like and tv characters too? I wasn’t tagged but oh well!
It will be so tough cause I like/love/ obsess over them all (also I still love them all even if I do push them off a cliff) I got my brother to pick out the bits of paper – so if I get back ones it’s totally Angus’s fault. The bad paper ripping and the odd handwriting was my fault so sorry for that šŸ™‚


  • Put names of characters, written on separate pieces of papers, in an empty jar or a pen holder
  • Shake the jar
  • Pull out three pieces of paper in each round and tell us which character you would kiss, marry, or push off a cliff!

Round 1:

Kiss: Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse Series
Marry: Jared from the Lynburn Legacy Series
Cliff: Owen from Just Listen

This one wasn’t too bad – I like Owen but can you really say no to Eric and I mean Jared…he is literally the definition of my type!
Round 2:


Kiss: Eli from Devour
Marry: Laylen from the Fallen Star
Cliff: Lucas from Starcrossed

This was another easy one! Lucas was nice but the other two (especially Laylen stole my heart more)

Round 3:

Kiss: Eli from Obscured


Marry: Daemon from the Lux Series
Cliff: Porter from Alex, Approximately

This is the hardest one yet (Edit: overall! By far the hardest) They are all my type – tall, dark, handsome, witty and sarcastic – and bad ass!! How can I win?? In the end, Porter had to go over the cliff because he just wasn’t as badass as the others…ahh I hate myself.
Round 4:


Kiss: Bryce Colton from The Blackmail Boyfriend
Marry: Shane Maxton for the Mad World Series
Cliff: Kyler Kennedy from the Kennedy Boys

Not too hard, Shane was an obvious must – the others just fit in nicely around him.

Round 5:


Kiss: Enoch from Devour
Marry: Liam from the Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window
Cliff: Harry Dresden from the Dresden Files

I’ve been finding these easier than I expected! I’m flabbergasted.
Round 6:


Kiss: Flynn from Falling Fast
Marry: Asher from Nothing Left to Lose
Cliff: Perseus from Joined

I’m on a total roll – maybe Angus was my good luck charm? Probably he is an actual midget-gem! Anyway…sorry Perseus but I can only pick two.

Round 7:


Kiss: Hunter Kennedy from Unmaking Hunter Kennedy
Marry: Nicolas from the Fallen Star
Cliff: Alex from the Fallen Star (Don’t kill me Cara :|)

I love Alex but the others are better!! I mean Nicolas!! How can I say no to him!
Round 8:


Kiss: Blake from the Lux Series
Marry: Rusty from the Lynburn Legacy Series
Cliff: Zach from The Gallagher Girls

This was a tough one at first glance and then it was easy after a minute. Rusty is my love – forever the best character!!
Round 9:


Kiss: Ash Lynburn from the Lynburn Legacy
Marry: Cole Turner from One Night with Hemsworth
Cliff: Lucas from Easy

Choosing between Ash and Cole was so tough!!
But in the end, Cole’s humour won out.
Round 10:


Kiss: Clay from Always You
Marry: Edward from Twilight
Cliff: Noah from Girl Online

Again Edward and Clay were tough – I love Edward cause he’s actually so funny. okay, not like hilarious but funnier than Clay.
Round 11:


Kiss: Jacob from Twilight
Marry: Hunter from Crush
Cliff: Cash from Shut Out

This was hard but in a different way because I just like them all and not LOVE anyway specific one. But I put them in an order…Hunter took first place cause he’s badass, the other two are a little pansy-like.
Round 12:


Kiss: Asher from Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats
Marry: Will Meyer from the Lake Series
Cliff: Luke from Luke and Eve

I’m surprised I have managed them all with basically no pain! I deserve an award!! Will is too perfect to have anything but first place!!

That’s all guys – hope you liked this – I tag Allie and anyone else who wants to do this tag because it’s surprisingly fun. I will do other variations on this if you are interested. Hope you have a great week.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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