Character Profile: Mink

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When doing my favourite book dedications the other day I got back into this book and I forgot how much I loved this book and it’s characters. I did review this back in July last year as one of my first posts. I haven’t done one of these posts in a while so I decided to whap it out again for Mink from Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett purely so I can rant about her relateable quotes.

Name: Bailey Rydell
Nickname: Mink
Age: 17

Alex, Approximately
Appearance: I don’t think it mentions it…unless I’m blind (most likely) but I always imagined her with straight blonde hair and brown eyes if that helps 🙂
Personality: Nervous/wary/smart, awkward, very similar to myself at least that’s how I read it.
Celebrity Look-alike (In my mind): Lucy Fry and Lucy Hale mixed together kind of but not really.
Why I Love Them: I love her because she reminds me of myself and my best friend combined – she’s an over thinker and yet rational. She’s shy and yet bold enough to make penpals. She’s stubborn and yet compliant. She is a complete contradiction but I love her for it! She’s the kind of character you fall in love with and there’s no escape.
Favourite Quotes of Hers:

“I am Mink. Hear me roar.”

“For the love of rocks”

“Dear God: Save me from myself.”

“Did I just ruin them for life? Jesus fu—I mean, fiddlesticks.”

“Note to self: Do not think the words “sex” and “wax” while he’s standing in front of you. Ever, ever, ever.”

““Go sell some tickets.” “Go lock some locks,” I tell him. He flashes me a smile and after he leaves the break room, I quietly bang my head against the lockers. Lock some locks. Who says that? What a dork. He’s broken my brain.” (This one is especially for Anna)

I hope you liked that! I really think you should read it if you haven’t and if you like a funny and relatable YA romance that’s so incredible your heart melts with each page.
Enough rambling from me 🙂

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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