Top 5 Least Favourite Books

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Your probably sick of these top 5 posts but I am obsessed with reading them right now and that translates into what I am in the mood to blog about so if your sick of them – tough luck 😛

1.House of Night Series by PC and Kristen Cast:
I have ranted about how much I hate this series many times, not only does the plot lack everything good about YA urban fantasy but the characters (especially Zoey!) are all lacklustre and boring. Don’t get me started on Stevie-ray!! I just can’t – this series pains me too much. 300 pages to long in my opinion 🙂

2.Masters for Hire by Ginger Voight:
This one just plain killed me. It wasn’t a great read to begin with – slow moving and predictable. I hated the main character as she was ANNOYING and ever second line from her had something to do with her weight which was understandable for a while because it is something crucial to her personality but it became so frequent it made her character very two dimensional and then on top of that it started to come across that she needed Devon to feel good about her body shape/weight and that frustrated me even more. As for Devon, I didn’t mind him…UNTIL THE END!! It was horrific to read (I don’t know if it was just me that felt this way or if everyone felt it) but he completely changed and it was like he became someone else entirely. Someone not good. Don’t even get me started on the hashtags!!!!!! HATE THIS BOOK!

3.Cherry Crush by Cathy Cassidy:
I think the main issue with this one was the characters…and maybe the plot….and maybe the age range – was I just too old for it? Maybe. Would I have enjoyed it more if I was younger? Possibly. Was it still mind-numbingly predictable no matter my age? Definitely.
I would be super mad if my mum just invited her boyfriend and his very strange daughter to live with us, then she steals my boyfriend and my friends and sisters?? How can you sympathise with the main character when she destroys lives??? I suppose its not all her fault (the moving in part) but the boyfriend stealing – that is totally her fault, does she have no respect? UGGHHH Teenagers!!!

4.Megan Meade’s guide to the McGowan Boys by Kate Brian:
It was a cute coming of age teen story with good characters and interesting plot. I loved the brothers in general because they each had their own story, their own personality and weren’t just slumped as the McGowan boys the entire book.
it was a quick read, only took me a day and a bit. overall I rate it three stars because of its great characterisation and interesting plot. It was let down by writers abrupt ending; there wasn’t really an ending to the Megan’s love situation and it all felt too rushed. worth the read if you need something to fill your time but not the in my top reads. It left me feeling like the book had no point which is never good.

5.Gathering Darkness by Lisa Collicutt:
This book was meh…
I don’t really know how I feel about it this. I liked the premise and the characters and yet after reading this I feel flat. That’s why I felt that this book was meh. Marcus and Brooke’s relationship was the saving grace although I got so confused by it all at the 75% mark despite having seen the plot “twist” coming a mile off – the way it was written was just plain confusing. It wasn’t a bad read and yet I wouldn’t rush to recommend it to anyone.

That’s it! I hate them all – skip them or give them a shot and see if you agree or disagree with my choices. Either way I would love to hear what you have to say about them and what you would say are your least favourites.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Least Favourite Books

    1. I think that was the main problems for me was I was just too old – normally I disagree with you must read your age range but I think this is the one exception. 🍒


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