My Top 5 Book Dedications

My Top 5 Book Dedications


Having a good day? I’m writing this a few days in advance because I am organised for once in my life and the weather here is insane for normal Scottish weather! We are in a red weather warning which basically means don’t leave your house cause the snows bad! I was literally just told school’s cancelled tomorrow so I have a whole day to study…or do more posts 🙂

I wanted to do another top 5 post and I love reading the dedications in books so I put the ideas together. In no particular order I begin this list…

1. Joined by Mara Gan
“This book could not have been completed without feline assistance,unholy amounts of caffeine and that wall I banged my head against.”

2. Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jenifer L. Armentrout
“For my family and friends. Love ya like I love cake.”

3. Fall from Grace (Mad World #1) by Christine Zolendz
“This book is dedicated to everyone who has ever been told they can’t Let’s jump off the cliff together.”

4. The Selection by Kiera Glass
“Hi Dad! *waves*”

5. – Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett
“For the evaders, avoiders, dodgers, and side-steppers. You probably have a good reason for hiding. May you work through it and find your inner lion.”
This one is doubley good when you hear the books final line…
“I am Mink. Hear me roar.”

That’s all folks, I am really enjoying these top 5 kind of posts and if you are too comment below what top 5 (or 10 or whatever) you would like me to do next!

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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