My Top 5 Secondary Characters

My Top 5 SECONDARY Characters

How was your day? Unlike the average (aka “normal”) human I quite like a Monday. I have good classes so I guess that’s why. The idea for this post came to me in maths when I was daydreaming instead of doing vectors – at least something productive came out of that period.
I was thinking about my favourite characters of all time and then I was thinking that’s way too hard to narrow down as I had about a list of twelve or something so I looked at the list again and realised quiet a hefty percentage was secondary characters. It hit me that books with gripping and incredible secondary characters I tend to enjoy more. I’m not talking about the sidekicks or the romances but the characters that are always there just looming in the background of the main protagonists drama (for example: Prim in The Hunger Games or Alice in Twilight) These are in no particular order because it was hard enough to pick 5 let alone order them.
Also all of them are male…does that say something about me? Don’t answer that 😐
1. Blake Saunders from The Lux Series by Jenifer L. Armentrout

I love Blake (aka Flake) Yes…maybe he isn’t the most honest or trustworthy or kind character but he was just so sneaky and although his ethics are a wee bit skewed in his head he was only going by his morals and doing what he thought was right. Also he was just so funny.
2. Nicolas Harper from The Fallen Star Series By Jessica Sorenson

I have a whole post dedicated to Nicolas because I love him. If you want detailed post on anyone else please tell me cause I’m always looking for post ideas 🙂
But yeah – Again not the traditional good guy but he means well. A little creepy in the grand scheme of things but I forgive him because it is him.
3. Eric Northman from The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

He is so sarcastic and funny and again not the most upstanding vampire out there but he loves Sookie and he’s doing it for her…even if he goes about showing his love in a weird way. He is 100% better than Bill any day of the week – I hate Bill.
4. Hunter Erikson from The One Night With Series by Eden Finley

I only just finished this book the other week and I loved it – also I know the second book in the series is told from his POV but I’ve not read it yet and it’s technically a separate standalone so I am still going with the fact he is a secondary character in the book I have read (which he was) but clearly everyone loved him just as much as me and he got a story of his own. He is again funny and not the smartest but he is always kind and when the male protagonist was going through the hardest time of his life Hunter was always there for him no matter what – can’t get better than that!
5. Rusty Montgomery from The Lynburn Legacy Series by Sarah Rees Brennan

There aren’t enough words to describe Rusty – I think of all characters in existence EVER he is my favourite. He is funny and sarcastic and moral and ethical and has a flipping heart of solid gold and selfless and I give up trying to describe the impossible!!! You need to flipping read his book because the roller coaster this character takes you on kills you. DEAD!

that’s all guys – love you (I would love you more if you read the Lynburn Legacy tho 😉 ) I am liking these top 5 posts and I have a feeling more will be coming your way cause I’m addicted. Clearly this post shows that I have an unhealthy obsession for funny males that don’t mind being on the wrong side of things if their morals dictate its for the greater good. Tell me what makes a character great for you below.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Secondary Characters

  1. Character’s in my opinion for me, need to be adorable and and romantic as I love romance books. However I do agree with your five fave characters because many of the best characters in book are sarcastic and cocky and it just makes for a good read

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