Books That Got Me In A Reading Slump

Books that got me in a slump


How’s your Saturday going? Mine started stress-fully but now I’m feeling great so I felt like hoping on and doing the post I promised yesterday. It’s not a long list and yet simultaneously it is long enough that it deserves its own post. Without further adieu and in no particular order…actually maybe chronological – that makes sense right? Nah – back to no order. (so indecisive)

1.The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher:
I am reading the first three books in this series for my English dissertation and I don’t know fully why because I thoroughly enjoyed them but maybe it was the time of year or maybe it was the fact it was technically school assigned work but I couldn’t bring myself to read them and when I finally did I didn’t want to read anything for a whole month after. It also sent me into a no posting slump too – this series did the double whammy on me.

Otherwise these were actually pretty funny.

2. The Kennedy Boys Series by Siobhan Davis:
This is another series that was incredible!! And yet for some reason completely unbeknown to myself I stopped midway? and didn’t read anything else for over a month and a half? I can’t even blame school because it was November (a pretty chill time for me) Why I stopped I don’t know but I did and this was the book I was reading…hence probably the cause.

3. The Lux Series by Jenifer L. Armentrout:
I know full well why this stopped me, two reasons really: One, it was my prelim time and I was studying. Two, I loved this series so much I couldn’t read anything else because I would try read something else and it just wouldn’t live up to the greatness of this series… 😐
It took three months and one very hostile family trip to force me into reading again to escape the awkward and invasive questioning LOL.

That’s the short list. Have a great Saturday and leave a comment saying books that got you in a slump as well as any fun plans for this weekend.

Thanks and Happy Reading,



2 thoughts on “Books That Got Me In A Reading Slump

  1. Books that got me in a slump were dare to fall (really good book) Another was once and for all by Sarah Dresden and holding up the universe which was a beautiful book. One of my favourites 😊

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    1. I need to read that Sarah dessen book – its been on my TBR for ages. The other one sounds so good!! And dare to fall is also on my TBR but who knows when I’ll get to it 😏😂😂😂


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