Top 6, Favourite American TV shows


I know this isn’t really the niche I normally aim at on this blog but I feel like over the past few posts I have been reaching into the obis of the visual story (aka movies) so I thought my Top 6 favourite American TV shows of all time might be of interest to you? (I couldn’t mix in my favourite British shows because there are too many to have just 5 so I will make a separate list for them)

1. The Vampire Diaries:
This was based on a book series by L. J Smith which I own the first of but haven’t read. I LOVE supernatural stories and this one is the perfect mix of romance, drama and suspense. As well as an except-able amount of blood as I am a bit squeamish. WATCH IT! ITS AMAZING! DO IT FOR DAMON!

2. Haven / Castle:
They are joint second. I couldn’t decide which is better because I love them both for different reasons.
Castle is a great murder mystery series which is witty and sarcastic and Castle is literally me.
While Haven is similar as it is also a murder mystery with a different murder each episode like Castle it is all supernatural deaths caused by the troubles. This was based on the Colorado Kid novel by Stephen King. Again this has more great humour and great romance which has your heart breaking every step if the way.

4. Beauty and the Beast:
When I first heard this (as an obsessive Disney fan) I thought it was going to be a poorly made remake of the incredible original story. I have never been more wrong. It follows a girl who witnessed her mothers murder and is then attacked my the murderers before she is saved my a beast. Years later she is working a homicide as detective and comes across matching DNA from her mother murder. Its so good and I love all the characters. Its just to good not to love!

5.Reign/ The Flash:
Again, I know this is cheating but I couldn’t decide between these two either.
Reign holds a special place in my heart as a Scot myself and because Francis is a gorgeous specimen of a human.
The Flash is also a great one for cheering me up (especially season 1) Sisco is my favourite because he has my humour. Also the musical episode is one of my all time favourite episodes of TV.

So that’s it for today. I hope you are enjoying my more frequent posting; despite me being back at school I am going to try and keep up the daily posts. TTFN book bugs.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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