Character Profile: Nicholas Harper


While I was writing my Lynburn Legacy review a couple of days ago I had the idea of a new series of short posts: Character Profiles for characters I feel deserve more love. I decided to start with Nicholas Harper from The Fallen Star by Jessica Sorenson. the fallen star
I hope you like this post idea because I was thinking of doing one of these every Sunday. Hope you enjoy my dears.

Name: Nicholas Harper
Book: The Fallen Star Series
Age: Approximately 18 or 19
Appearance: Sandy blonde hair, Golden eyes. Jeans and a hoodie type of guy, his foreseer tattoo on his wrist, smells like the forest and freshly fallen rain.
Personality: Funny, annoying, ballsy, persistent, self-absorbed (only a little), Snarky, a little bit creepy.
Abilities: Half-foreseer, half-faerie
Celebrity Look-alike (In my mind): Grant Gustin’s face, Paul Wesley’s hair. Their combined personalities.
Why I Love Them: I think I love him because I relate to his annoyingness. Behind the frustrating layer of persistence and humour, he is just someone looking for his place in the supernatural society. His half and half blood means he was basically shunned from both communities; therefore he has no-one. Yeah, he may do some dumb and really questionably things to the protagonist but there is a well-meaning lying underneath. I can’t fully place why I love him so; all I know is I do. Him and Laylen make the books for me.

I hope you like this idea and please suggest other characters for me to do in the comments. I also hope you have a had a good week; I am back to school tomorrow and I don’t want to be. Sorry if my posting schedule slows again because of it but school is a slave-driver.
Also, I think The Fallen Star Book 1 may be free on Amazon if you are interested in it.

Thanks and Happy Reading,

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