September Wrap Up

September Wrap Up

Hi there,
I am absolutely flabbergasted by the fact September is over already, it feels as if it was only yesterday I was dreaming of the mountain of books I could attempt to get through this month. I sadly didn’t get through them all but I had a hefty dent in the list so I’m still happy. I made short reviews of everything on my Goodreads page, so you should check it out. As per usual, if you would like a more in-depth review of something mentioned just comment, email, tweet or send something by pigeon and I will happily oblige. On with the merriment my chums. (Miranda quote)

What I read:

The first book I tackled this month was Starcrossed (Starcrossed #1) by JosephineStar-Crossed Angelini.  I hauled this a couple of weeks ago but I actually bought it in August and just got round to reading it.
It was the story of a girl named Helen living on some remote island in America somewhere. She had always been different, super strong and weird physical things like that but she had a great best friend and even better dad so it didn’t effect her. Then the Delos family moves into a big house on the island and instantly become the talk of the town. Helen has an inexplicable hatred for them and she doesn’t know why. A big fight and an even bigger load of humiliation later and she discovers that she is the descendant of a Greek God. So are the Delos’ and the ancient curse set upon them forces extreme hatred when they see one of the rival families. Of course Helen falls for Lucas and this leads to all sorts of drama. In summary it’s a roller coaster and a half. It was incredible and took me no time at all to get through. If you saw my haul you would know I own the second in the series also, which I am yet to read, but I will get to soon.
I give it 4 out of 5 stars as a bomb was dropped a couple chapters from the end and I couldn’t handle it so I nearly stopped reading the book then; but the stubborn child inside me wouldn’t let me quit and I’m so glad I didn’t.

The next book I read was Nothing Left to Loose (The guarded hearts series 1 and 2) by GUARDING THE BROKEN - EBOOK COVERKirsty Moseley. I heard about this book as I am on Kirsty Moseley’s blogger list and I made a post about the new coverings of this. I was initially entitled to both books but I turned it down as my kindle broke. So once I fixed it I bought both read them avidly.
They were incredible. The story took my heart ripped it up, spat it out, rebuilt it to them crush it once more. I have never cried tears of joy and sadness in such a short space of time between each other. This had my emotions flip flopping constantly and I loved it. It is a bit Blurring the lines.PNGraunchier than my usual reads but it was so worth it for Anna and Ashton’s story. Its quite a harsh plot line but basically on her sixteenth birthday Anna and her boyfriend Jack went out to a club to celebrate. She is hit on by Carter, who takes an instant liking to her. When she turns him down he takes Jack and murders him before her eyes then kidnaps her and forces her to live and have a relationship with him for the next 10 months. This clearly traumatic event leaves her broken and unstable. Her father is running for president and Anna needs to be looked after for this purpose but she has scared off every guard she has had since returning to her life. Enter Ashton. Just qualified top of his year in SWAT training is roped into watching over her as her boyfriend while she attends college. They obviously develop a friendship and Anna starts to creep from her shell. But Carter’s retrial is coming up and he isn’t willing to part with Anna that easily. Its so dramatic and heart braking I love it.  It took me three days tojoined read both books and I loved every minute. 5 out of 5 stars; give it a shot.

The fourth book I read was Joined (Joined #1) by Mara Gan. This book was sent to me in return for a honest review so if you are interested go see the full post because that’s what its there for. In summary it was a YA Sci-Fi Romance and It was incredible. 5/5 stars easily.


The next book I read was Chain of Frost (The Bellum Sisters #1) by T. A. Grey. Chains of FrostThis is a series about three sisters who are succubi. When their father dies suddenly they are each given away to a different man of their fathers choosing; their protector. He chooses the commander of a vampire army, the alpha of shapeshifters and the royal demon. All three extremely controversial choices for a succubi’s mate (apparently). It was a really interesting plot idea and thBonds of fireere was a sale on so I got all four in the series for £0.99, a total bargain. So far I have read the first three in the series each focus on a different sister and they are all good The fourth is almost like a sub-plot book so I am not in any rush to read it, but I will get there eventually.

Ties that bindThey too were a bit more graphic than I like but I pushed through it for the incredible story that hid underneath. Overall I probably give it a 3.5 out of 5 because of it’s graphic nature and because when I finished reading it I never had strong feelings towards it, I was just like meh.


The eighth book I read, many of you will be glad to hear was New Moon (Twilight #2) byNew Moon Stephanie Meyer. Anyone who has been reading my posts a while will know the dilemma I had with reading this and why it took me around 3 months to read. I simply couldn’t bear the book without Edward in it. I know how pathetic that sounds but honestly he sparkles how could I not. 4 out of 5 stars because I love Twilight but I missed Edward. I can’t wait to get onto Eclipse because that is my favourite of the movies and has the iconic “She broke her hand punching my face” scene. And it has Bella and Edward back together, so I’m happy. Team Edward forever. (I feel like a 12 year old).

The final book I read was Living Dead In Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) by Charlaine Dead in DallasHarris. This was another that I started in August and didn’t finish till now. This one because I simply wasn’t in the mood for Fantasy/ Supernatural when I started reading it. I read a lot of contemporary’s this month so I was in the mood for it and I finished it with relative ease. This one has a lot of Eric in it so I loved that. It differs quite a bit from the TV show but I didn’t mind because if anything I thought it was a more logical progression. So this was a 4 out of 5 stars because it was slightly dull in sections as I knew what was going to happen, but that’s my fault not really the books.

What I am Currently Reading:

I have started reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman for my English The Princess Bride.PNGDissertation this year. The film is my favourite movie of all time so I needed to read this eventually and I just so happened to think of him while deciding a dissertation topic. I hope it is as great if not better than the film and that it doesn’t destroy my love for the movie. I mean who Cerub #1could hate Fezzik and Inigo?

I am also still reading The Recruit (C.H.E.R.U.B #1) by Robert Muchamore and haven’t progressed any this month. I will definitely finish it in the month of October though.


And so that concludes this month. Bring on all future months and the never ending pile of books that come with that. I hope all of your months have been filled with good stuff and happy times. Furthermore I bid thee all farewell for the month of September; see you next month (Like two days time) with my October TBR.

Thanks and Happy Reading,


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