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So if your an avid reader you will know at least things about me. 1) I never have internet (I thought it was fixed. Its not, I’m back to writing this in school. The joys of living in the Scottish countryside) and 2) I am super unorganised/forgetful (hence why I didn’t post on Wednesday because I went the whole day thinking it was a Tuesday. No kidding, I wrote Tuesday in all my jotters) so that sums my last few days. If you are new, welcome. Sorry that the first few things you find out about me is how horrific I am at book blogging, but if you are new and you’ve stuck around – here have a gold star.

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…Anyway, I was in the mood for a fun post today (hopefully most of my posts are fun) and I was searching the usual places for inspiration when I found this Tag on DreamlandBookBlog and I instantly loved the idea of it. From what I can gather it is a pretty old tag now and it was created by NEHOMAS2 on YouTube.

The point of this tag is to throw a dinner party. You can invite any character you want, but there are 10 different categories you need to fill, and there are only room for 12 people including you:

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook
2. One character who has money to fund the party
3. One character who might cause a scene
4. One character who is funny/amusing
5. One character who is super social/popular
6. One villain
7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic
8. One hero/heroine
9. One underappreciated character
10. One character of your own choosing


I totally agree with Beatrice, it was near impossible to pick only 11 characters but I suppose that’s why it’s a tag. In the end I just started putting down the first character to come to mind cause I couldn’t pick between them. (P.s I have left links to the characters books on Goodreads)

1) One character who can cook/likes to cook-

Daemon from The Lux Series  by Jenifer L. Armentrout.obsidean It’s not so much that he likes to cook or can cook well and more that he eats all the time. Both him and his twin sister Dee are constantly eating. I also am pretty sure there is a line where its said he makes great sandwiches, I also think he calls it burgers cow meat. Anyway, I love him so I had to fit him in somewhere.


2) One character who has money to fund the party-

Anna from The Guarded Hearts Series by Kirsty Moseley.
Anna herself doesn’t actually GUARDING THE BROKEN - EBOOK COVERhave any money but now that her father is the President of the United States she can really have anything she wants, like a kick-ass dinner party planned by me. Also I would want to have the dinner party in between the end of the second book and the epilogue.



3) One character who might cause a scene-

Enoch from the Devoured series by Shelly Crane. I totally picked this one because I love Devouredthe name Enoch. When I first read it I doubled over in fits of laughter because I had never heard such an incredible name. (If your name is Enoch, I am not laughing at your name, I am laughing in appreciation/ sadness. Why aren’t more people called Enoch?) Besides his name, Enoch is pretty bad-ass with strong underlying family values, which I like.


4) One character who is funny/amusing-

Kami from the Lynburn Legacy series  by Sarah Rees Brennan. In my review of this,unspoken.PNG(Which I promise will be up soon) I will rant for ages about how I was in giggle fits for the majority of the time it took me to read this series and it’s not because she is particularly funny but it is just so witty and random.(my sense of humour)
All I have to say is honey badgers, flying ducks and dream canoes.
(Also I have finished writing the post and I went back to see what Beatrice answered with as I didn’t want to be swayed. We both put Kami! That just shows how great she is)

5) One character who is super social/popular-

Liam from the Boy Who Sneaks In Through My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley. This The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Coveris my favourite book of all time and he is only one the best characters I have ever read. He is super popular but that’s not why I like him. He is uncompromisingly compassionate. And his dreamy looks are pretty great too. And he plays Ice hockey, and he is adorable in every sense of the word. (Is there even more than one sense? I get flustered thinking about how nice he is)


6) One villain-

Blake from The Lux Series by Jessica L. Armentrout. I have already said Daemon fromobsidean this book and he is my favourite character in the series because of his wit (as well as his cooking abilities with cow meat) but Blake (otherwise known as Flake, by me and my friends) is one of those villains who you don’t want to hate, hence why I find him acceptable company for my high brow dinner party. Also I want to call him Flake and see his reaction. (Technically he doesn’t come in until book 2 but oh well)
7) One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic-

Gemma and Laylen from The Fallen Star Series  by Jessica Sorenson. They are not a the fallen starcouple, they are best friends and it melts my heart. I literally sent about 40 minuets just contemplating which couple to choose because I fall in love with couples so easily but in the end they won out over Kami and Jared and Abby and Eli and a lot of others. Their friendship can’t be split even by the love of Gemma’s life who hates Laylen. If I’m being completely honest I don’t even like Gemma on her own that much, its mainly Laylen and their bond with each other I love.

8) One hero/heroine-

Grace from the Mad World Series by Christine Zolendz. This was an easy choice for me, Fall from GraceGrace is one of the most bad-ass female characters I have ever read. She is the rock chick, biker type that every teenager aspires to be. Also when she is drunk she is hilarious. Also she could provide some incredible music for the party, as well as her living throughout a lot of history she would have some fab stories. She is a definite must.
9) One underappreciated character-

Nicholas from the Fallen Star Series by Jessica Sorenson. I was recommended this series the fallen starby my friend Bode. On me purchasing said book she said “You won’t like Nicholas. He’s so evil and I just can’t believe he does those things” upon reading said book I awaited for the hatred of this character. It never came, in fact it was the opposite, both him and Laylen are my joint favourite characters and I love them both. So take that Bode, Nicholas is great! (p.s I still love you even though you got Nicholas so wrong)
10) One character of your own choosing-

Eli from the Obscured Series by C.M. Boers. This was another one I spent a what felt like Obscureda decade on before I finally made my decision. I love Eli, he is a nice guy who wants nothing but Abby’s safety. He is also really funny and I just love how nice their friendship/romance is, but I mainly like Eli best. I wrote a review on the book here.
I was tempted to put Edward from Twilight, because everyone needs someone who sparkles. That shows how incredible Eli is, he out-sparkled Edward Cullen.

And on that note I conclude this post. This took me forever and a day to do because it may look like an easy tag on the outside, but once you commit it is so stressful, you feel as if you are betraying your favourite characters if you don’t pick them. I left out so many people I love, but I suppose I can always have a house party next time and invite them all. I task you all to give it a try and you can comment it below if ya like, because I would love to know if you struggled as greatly as I or if it was just me. Have a great week everyone.

Thank and Happy Reading,

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