My August TBR and Posting Update

Hi there,

I know this is an out of schedule post but I felt as it is the last day of July I should deliver to you my August TBR and a bit of an update about my upcoming posting. August is quite a busy month for me; I get my exam results and I return to school for my final year and all my other commitments will start back up again. But I have a goal to read at least four books; quite a tame month for me but oh well.

Book I Own but Haven’t Read Yet: Recently I  have been buying books at a far higher rate then I can actually read them and therefore have built up a small collection that I own but are sitting unread on my shelf. This months read from this shelf will be Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris. I initially picked this up because I loved the True Blood TV show and when I discovered it was originally a book I couldn’t wait to buy it. For those unfamiliar with the franchise; the book follows Sookie Stackhouse a waitress in her small town Bon Temps, Louisiana. She has the ability to read minds and has been an outcast most of her life because of this. In an intertwining plot, Vampires have “Come out of the Coffin” as they have created a synthetic blood that means Vampires can survive without having to pray on humans. Enter Bill; a vampire who immediately catches Sookie’s eye because not only his he the first Vampire in Bon Temps but she can’t hear his thoughts and this is complete bliss to her. You can probably guess the basic premise from there. I have had this book since March and I have finally been in the mood for more Vampires thanks to my Twilight kick last month. I can’t wait to get into this because I really loved the TV show; high expectations.

Book I Didn’t Finish Last Month: Readers of my other posts can probably guess this one; not so surprisingly it’s New Moon (Twilight #2) by Stephanie Meyer. I have been trying to read this because I love this films and I adored the first book but I know what is to come this chapter and I can’t bring my Team Edward heart to read it. I will finally take the plunge this month and get on with it because I really want to get onto my favourite film in the franchise Eclipse.
If you want a description of what Twilight is about 1. Where have you been since 2005? 2. I have written it out in a couple different posts already so you can go read any of them or 3. Just Google it.

New Book Series: I want to start another series because this has been recommended by many of my friends and I keep promising to get round to it and it just keeps being pushed further and further from the top of my TBR. The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle #1) by Maggie Stiefvater.  I don’t really know what it is about, all I know is that it follows a girl blue who has grown up being told that if she ever kisses her true love he will die, I also knows she meets a boy called Gansey and all his friends and that’s kind of it. I have no idea if I will enjoy this but my friends occasionally have good taste so I will trust them this time.

Unfinished Book Series: While I was away on holiday I started this book series and wasn’t completely sold on it so I put off reading the sequel. But now that I’m home and I think back I realise that I was 1. extremely tired when I was reading it so that could be why it was confusing in places and 2. I was really not in the mood for anything Fantasy. So I am giving it a chance now. Blue Moon (The Immortals #2) by Alyson Noël is a book that follows on with Ever and Damon’s story, which if I’m being honest I can’t really remember that well, all I know was that I didn’t really like it but I am going to persevere and give it a proper chance because everything I have ever heard about this book would say it is a perfect match for me.

Normally I will have a New Releases bit here but there is nothing I am particularly excited about. I am interested in Everything Under the Sun by Jessica Redmerski, but I will be saving that for September. I will have a post and Giveaway up about that on August 28th for anyone interested.

My plans for posting every Wednesday and Friday at 8pm GMT are remaining the same once I return to school. I was considering throwing in these monthly TBR’s when appropriate and the odd promotional post here and there also.
I am currently away again, down to England with my family. I am planning on visiting a very large Book store on Wednesday and I will probably delay this weeks Weekly Update till Thursday rather than Wednesday so I can include my purchases in the update.

Thanks and happy reading,




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