The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window by Kirsty Moseley

Hi there,The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Cover

So as promised here is my more in-depth review of The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window, the stand-alone debut novel by Kirsty Moseley. As I partially mentioned in my weekly review, I enjoyed this book so much I felt it deserved a post of it’s own.

PLOT SUMMARY : It follows the story of a sixteen year old girl named Amber Walker and her brother Jake. They were abused physically and in Amber’s case also sexually by their father from a very young age. As morbid as this it to read this I enjoyed reading a contemporary romance with a bit more gravitas. Anyway, one night after a violent beating when Amber is around age six and is crying in her room; her next door neighbour and Jake’s best friend, Liam sees her and climbs through her window to check she is okay. He falls asleep in her bed comforting her and this happens every night after, to the point when they both can’t sleep without being next to the other. Now they are teens and they act like they hate each other in public, their secret sleepovers unknown to anyone but them and even when their alone they don’t ever mention it. It is a weird Love/Hate relationship idea that drew my interest instantly because I felt it was unlike anything I had ever heard of before. Their relationship was very much not insta-love which I also enjoyed because I felt it was very realistic. A theme that continued through all aspects of this book and Moseley’s writing in general. The novel did not just focus on their growing relationship and the overcoming of fears like I initially anticipated for Moseley. Without spoiling ANYTHING, lets just say many new and old problems surface for them to fix, this unexpected side to the novel made me ecstatic and kept me on my toes which is normally a hard task for a contemporary romance.

WRITING STYLE : Kirsty Moseley wrote very accurately to how a sixteen year old girl thinks. (I, still being one mere days before I read this book feel I could relate very well) I often find that writers make a teenage girl too confused about feelings, over emotional and too talkative in their own head. Moseley seemed to understand that we occasionally overthink something but not everything, it was a nice and unique change to some of the other contemporary I have read. She also wrote a couple of panic attack scenes. I related to these strongly, to the point it felt like I had been asked to describe my own panic attacks. It really added to the authenticity of the book for me. She wasn’t overly descriptive or wordy but oppositely it also wasn’t too short or succinct. Overall it was just very well written; which boosted the authenticity of her story.

CHARACTERS: I have already mentioned I found the all characters reactions and thoughts to be very realistic. No reactions seemed forced like it was what had to happen for the story to continue. All dialogue flowed really well only enhancing the easiness of this read. Amber was a really well rounded protagonist because she was influenced by her abuse but it didn’t define her, the same goes for the relationships with her brother and Liam. I feel like I have said it fifty times but again it just made it so much more enjoyable for me to read because I actually believed what I was reading to be true.
Liam was also a nice character and his love for Amber was just adorable especially when you hear why he gave her the nickname. This was the only time when I got the slight vibe of insta-love but I completely ignored it because of how much I simply loved their backstory. I also loved his sneaky POV three quarters of the way through. It was a lovely surprise midway through a novel I thought I was only going to get one side of the story from.
I felt you didn’t get much time to actually get to know Jake. You learn he is a major player and that he’s seriously overprotective (naturally) but that is kind of it. I don’t mind it because over the course of the novel I feel like I learnt all I needed to know for me to love Jake. He would do anything for Amber and that bond is again relatable to me and my own brother. My brother isn’t a player and doesn’t drink heavily every Friday night and I’m not THAT much of a recluse but their was something about their relationship that I adored.
The other characters were similar in realism and logicalness. Again I  feel I owe a lot of my enjoyment of this book back to the basic writing and how relatable the characters were.

RELATIONSHIPS:  I have touched on this slightly but the main romance between Amber and Liam was pretty incredible to read. Realistic and aw-inspiring. The initial Love/Hate was also really nice to read because I feel it gave their eventual relationship some weight.
Jake and Kate’s (Amber’s best friend) relationship was also one of my favourite features of the book because it is just so typical teen relationship it’s scary.

To conclude, If you couldn’t have guessed already then this is 5 out of 5 stars for me. I had no issues with this read, which for me is probably a new record. I was really disappointed to read so many negative reviews of this incredible book. So I thought I would even the score by spending over an hour of my life basically ranting that I thought it was realistic and that it liked it A LOT; if you hadn’t been able to tell by this point.
Yeah so I really recommend this. Kirsty is an incredible writer and I plan on reading a lot more from her (Her Links below).

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Disclaimer: All views and opinions are my own and I am not being paid to say anything. Also no links are affiliated.



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